Energies of 2014: Energy of Unconditional Love

love_oceanAS 2013 DREW TO a close, hundreds of millions of people around the world joined in celebrating the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, the man who will forever symbolize forgiveness and unconditional love for those who would do harm.

It is a great blessing and a great challenge for each and every one of us to carry Mandela’s vision into 2014, to raise the universal vibration of love to a level never before seen in human history. To become aware of how we can project our own inner beauty and light to enrich those around us. To ease fear and to bring hope.

Mandela’s death has brought light. Not all knew of this man and his life’s journey, but his peaceful, loving message has become worldwide knowledge because of the media, and this has surely made him smile. He always knew death would be another chapter — and an excellent means of reaching even more souls on this earth. His circle of love was his greatest triumph — not in the sheer numbers that he reached, but in how those he reached paid it forward.

Our souls need to remember what it’s like to feel unconditional love. To love and be loved without judgment, to embrace our experiences, and, yes, even to thank those who have brought harm — those who have allowed their own light to dim so that we can learn and evolve.

All of us together will decide what this next year will bring. The energy of unconditional love can prevail. This can be accomplished by the simplest acts of kindness. A smile. A gentle touch. To listen. To understand and accept, to embrace our differences. And to send nothing but love ahead of every step we take.



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