Living with Kindness and High Intentions

hands-roseWHEN YOU LIVE IN KINDNESS, spirituality is already in action, and that action will always speak louder than words..

There are everyday people doing everyday things, with nothing less than intentions for the highest good of us all. Most of these people would never consider what they are doing as anything other then basic morality. With that in mind, many would also concur that their actions really don’t need to have religion or spirituality attached to it. In fact, some would argue that if it does, the intention of basic goodwill becomes something else with an entirely different motive behind it — but this where good deeds and giving can become convoluted.

Spirituality is not just “a thing to do”; it is a lifestyle. It is kindness at the very root of our being. It is inherent and is in each and every one of us — no matter what you call it. It is an inner source that leads to peace and betterment. When you live it, it shows and equates to simple love.

A very dear man I know is the most spiritual Soul I have ever met. He is also unequivocally anti-religious and anti-spiritual (or so he says), “Agnostic to the bone but without any claim to it.”

He makes things happen with every ounce of energy he has, so I have coined him, “The King of Manifestation — personified.” To me, he represents the epitome of spirituality in action. Without prayer, chants, rites or rituals. No wishing boards, no beads, icons, seminars or retreats. He resonates effort. He has an amazing sense of humor, doesn’t take things personal, and he gives and shares his prosperity constantly.

He has a good life and he wears it well.

He stays mindful, peaceful, and thoughtful — always. Calm in horrific danger, happy in adventure, and loves to give. This is the art of a “spiritual being,” because his beliefs are accomplished simply by deciding to do and to be with the highest intentions to get it done. The motives are not attached to an “ism,” just true heart-felt convictions.

Has he had loss and failure? Of course, more than you or I could ever imagine, and yet, it just reinforced his compassion, made him stronger and determined to do more. He discovered that action is the key to happiness — and doing is no “Secret.” Turning disruptions into gold (not to ever dwell on them), he is internally thankful for what life has shown him.

For some, like this man, doing and giving is the only way to be. Acting upon without recognition (because recognition isn’t even a thought.) And for others, the motivation is purely self-serving. The line is a fine one, because there is also the other side of the coin that says all giving, no matter what the intention, is giving — and it truly helps so many in need.

In essence, the universal laws are really easy. What goes around comes around; the echo is beautifully reflective and unforgiving. Call it “karma” (which has no affiliation with judgment good or bad), call it energy in and energy out, call it whatever you want. The motion is just a motion and it all ends up exactly how it was presented. But, the act of kindness, accountability and logic do equate to a good life, a healthy life, with an echo that has nothing to with spirituality or religion and everything to do with inner contentment.

On a deeper level, it would be advisable to understand the motives and the ego/mind, because in the end, the only one we have to answer to is our self and or a higher power (if that resonates with you). But, no matter where or what the beliefs are, the actions that bring a smile and simple joy to another have far more reaching effects than what meets the eye. The smallest gestures can have huge implications.

What we do, how we feel, that is a judgment call; it is going to be different for everyone. But living in kindness doesn’t make us a better Christian, Hindu, Agnostic, Jew, Buddhist, Catholic, etc. It makes us a kind soul — end of story. So for the sake of peace (inward, outward) — higher thought and greater consciousness — perhaps, it is time to stop worrying about how it looks and just do it. Stop the labels, the separations and the reasons on every level. Is it possible?

The bottom line is this: no act of kindness ever goes unnoticed, ever. And in my experience, that is how “spirituality in action” works.



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