We are never separated from Spirit


yoga_pose_reflectionSPIRITUALITY, OR AS I define it for myself, the presence of Spirit energy moving through me, is active within me always. Years ago, when I started paying attention to my own spiritual practice, I found that when I looked to connect to spirit through meditation, or yoga, or nature time, I felt fantastic. Then I would go back to the busyness of life — working full time, running kids, relationships and getting dinner made — and I felt like I was leaving Spirit behind while I went along with my day, only to arrive at the next time of connection.

As I’ve grown older, and perhaps wiser, I’ve moved to a place where I recognize the energy of Spirit within me always. It is my essence, and so I walk it forward in the world with whatever I do. Now, working, making dinner, running kids, having relationships with partners and others takes on a whole new meaning. Spirit sense has changed my entire perception of the world I live in.

When I struggle with what I see in this world — political leaders, hardship, struggle — I see how Spirit is moving through the situation — or trying to — and perhaps is being ignored.

My spirituality in action is my daily moment-to-moment life, and I encourage others to practice being extensions of Spirit energy in their own life, constantly. What can you change? What could you manifest? Where can you shine your light fully that may only be getting a glimmer now? So many ways Spirit manifests itself when we are fully present and aware with it, and in it. We are never separated from our essence.

It seems right that we could be in action with it moving through us, constantly.

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