Spiritualizing My Day


meditate-orbsTHESE ARE SOME EXERCISES I have found to be very helpful in spiritualizing my daily activities. Note that the word “God” is just the word that I’m used to. For yourself, please substitute whatever word suits your own purposes, soul journey, and comfort level.

  • When you have a moment in the day that does not require your full attention, ask God to be with you, and feel the signs of his/her presence. Then consider what you are about to focus on next. Request God’s help on that task. Open yourself and notice any response. Give thanks and proceed on your task.
  • When you are intensely focusing on a task and there is a short break, give thanks for this task and this break. Then allow yourself to feel grace and freedom, and continue joyfully with your task.
  • As you prepare to sit down for a meal, take the opportunity to give thanks for the abundance of food and other necessities in your life. As you give thanks, notice the glow around the food in response to your thanksgiving. Recognize also the divine presence that you feel.
  • As you begin an activity that does not require your entire focus, set an intention to use your effort for the highest physical and spiritual good of all. Energize that intention in a state of gratitude, allowing the energy to rise from your spiritual heart to the heart of God. Maintain this connection to God as you continue the activity.
  • Before you allow yourself to go to sleep at night, set your intention to be with God during the night. Invite God’s presence as you relax, and notice the deep stillness within your center. Let go and let God as you fall asleep. When you awake in the morning, see if you can recall a contact with God during the night. Do this daily, and before long you will begin recalling such contacts. The vividness will increase with repeated experience, until each night has the potential to be a life-transforming event.
  • When you begin an activity wherein you are relating to other people, find your center in and around your heart. Open your heart to God, and feel God’s presence in your heart. Then connect to the heart of the other person or people, and proceed with your activity. Notice how God’s presence in your heart harmonizes your activities with other people.
  • When you begin an activity related to business, such as selling or buying, consider your opportunity a gift. Set an intention of thanksgiving and responding to this gift with appreciation towards the people you are interacting with.
  • When you must wait for something, perhaps your computer, or a long line of traffic, and you feel frustration building up within, notice the frustration and welcome it. Let the frustration be, and welcome God’s presence, as well. Notice the change in your perspective.
  • When you are tired and irritable, acknowledge this to yourself and to God. Allow yourself to feel these things. Find the peace beneath your tiredness and relax into that peace. Find God’s presence also in that peace.
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