A Childhood Experience with an Angel


abstract_lightI WAS ABOUT 5 years old, living in a big old house in Brookings, South Dakota. My brothers and sisters and I were playing outside in the yard. I looked up and saw a young girl floating about two feet off the ground. She had a brighter-than-the-sun white light around her, and the light seemed to be moving around her.

She seemed to come directly to me, without moving her feet. She told me she wanted a doll like the one I had gotten for Christmas that year. I knew what it was like not to have a doll. Our family was poor. But I pitied her and went inside the house to get my doll.

My bedroom was on the second floor, and I took my doll to the open window and dropped it out to the ground below. Then I walked out through the kitchen where my mother was. She had told me not to take my toys outside.

I picked up the doll from the ground and gave it to the angel. She accepted it with a smile and moved away. I watched her go towards an old abandoned house on our block. I was happy to give her something she had wanted.

I later asked my brothers and sisters if they had seen her. They said no.

I’m much older now, and have painted this scene from my memory.

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