Angel Speak: When Angels talk, do You Listen?


abstract-colorOH, HOW DELIGHTFUL it would be if our angels and guides would just talk to us. Right? Oral communication, however, is how souls in a human body communicate — not Spirit. That type of phenomenon is extremely uncommon. So if you’re straining your ear to hear Divine guidance, you’re missing the message. Waiting for an angel to speak to you aloud is like waiting to hear your dog tell you he needs to go outside. When Rover has to go, you’re not going to hear spoken words, but if you’re observant you’ll see the signs and nonverbal communication that say, “Let me out, please.”

The same is true with angel and Spirit communication. Here are five simple ways the Spirit realm is already speaking to you:

• Thoughts and ideas — The most common way for angels and Spirit to communicate is through telepathic communication, or communication of the soul.

If, for example, you ask Spirit for guidance on what to do with your career, and you start daydreaming about changing jobs, you can bet your angels are speaking to you through your thoughts. It might seem like your own idea, but it’s likely angels answering your prayers by planting the seed of a new job. You can take this as an angelic pat on the back that says, “You can do it!”

• Found objects — When I first read about angels leaving physical signs and symbols for others, I was admittedly quite jealous. “Hmmph!” I thought. “My angels never leave me coins or feathers!”

The next day I started finding dimes everywhere I looked. By the end of the week, my husband was even finding dimes. “Here,” he’d say, “Your angels left this for you.”

Found objects are like phone calls from Heaven. Your angels are reaching out to let you know they watch over you, you are loved, and you are safe.

• Synchronistic sights and sounds — When I asked my angels to confirm if I was indeed a psychic healer, they were kind enough to send me a sign I couldn’t deny. The very next day I spotted a giant billboard that read: Psychics needed. You know where to apply.

This isn’t the type of billboard you see every day, so needless to say it caught my attention. That wasn’t all though: the next three road signs echoed this message, concluding with a town that shared the name of the British psychic school I considered attending. The message was undeniable.

Likewise, when conversations or images persistently re-enter your awareness, your angels may be pulling the strings. I subscribe to the thinking that one occurrence is a coincidence, but three are Spirit communication.

• Dreams — Dreams are the perfect way for Spirit to communicate with you since your conscious mind is resting and won’t interfere. Note colors, symbols and feelings, and do your best to interpret possible meanings. Keep a journal of the dreams and your interpretations; you’re likely to notice a pattern and a message from your angels.

• Physical sensations — One day while driving, I was distracted by a beautiful sunset outside the passenger-side door. Suddenly I felt a tingle on my right foot — the foot on the gas pedal. Fortunately, I recognized the tingling as an angel communication and turned to investigate it’s meaning. When I turned my head, all I saw were brake lights. Had the angels not given me that tingling sensation, I would’ve collided with the car in front of me.

If you experience a sensation (a tingling, a brush across your skin, or a change in temperature), pause and tune in to see if you can decipher the message.

Getting guidance and support from your team of angels is as simple as switching from physical communication to soul communication. The messages are already there, but you’ll need to tune in. Don’t take my word for it though — ask your angels!

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