Angels on the Farm


hayAn excerpt from the book, Life Lessons With The Angels

IT WAS A HOT JULY afternoon in Minnesota. We had been baling hay for the past three hours when the farmer whom we had hired to bale drove up to the barn with only half a load of hay. We knew something must be wrong. He had borrowed his brother’s thrower baler and the kicker mechanism was no longer working.

Besides hiring him, we had hired three young men to help us unload the hay as he had dropped off load after load for us to stack in the barn loft. Now everything would have to stop with seven acres of hay left to be baled. And, to top it all off, there was a prediction for rain that night.

Al climbed down from the cab of the tractor as we all tried to figure out what was wrong. We decided to call another neighbor, Harry, who had quite a bit of tractor knowledge. After deliberation and a call to the local John Deere dealer, we were all still at a loss for understanding what was wrong.

I’m not sure why I did not think of it sooner, but I called to Archangel Michael to come and help us. No sooner were the words uttered, then a shear pin fell into Al’s hand. Surprised, Al asked where it had come from. Harry replied that he didn’t know but, perhaps the kicker needed a shear pin. He checked it over, found the spot and we were back in business.

I mentioned to Al and Harry that I had asked Archangel Michael to come and help us. We needed to thank him. They laughed it off, failing to grasp the awesomeness of having just been visited by an angel. We whispered our gratitude and were happy to be back to work.

We have been farming organically for the past 25 years and have seen many miracles and angel visitations both with animals and farm machinery. We have learned to ask and to expect the angels to help us. We find their presence calming, patient and kind. They take an interest in our souls’ advancement and in our finding true joy in our lives. When things seem to be out of sorts, they are always there to answer the call to come in and help us to balance our energy, emotions, and whatever else seems to be out of balance, including machinery and farm equipment.

It seems to me that they ask for two simple things, both of which we all have within us to access at any time: faith and trust. Sometimes the answer does not come immediately, like it did with the shear pin. But, keep your awareness posted, because the answer does come. Oh, and by the way, don’t be too surprised by the joy and peace that often accompanies the answer.

This is an awesome, magical life when we learn to see things as they really are and access the power of the Divine. Peace to all.

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Patty Dease
Patty Dease and her partner have been running Earthway Farm in South Haven, MN, for 24 years. Each year several thousand school children make their annual field trip to the farm to experience the gentle farm animals and to experience the calmness of nature. Most recently, Earthway has also been offering metaphysical classes, which have been well attended. They offer workshops and classes there on spiritual growth and healing with the Angels.


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