Angels Protect and Support


eyes-read-meI CONSIDER ANGELS TO BE divine ideas, intuitions and dreams. Two events of angelic intervention that come immediately to mind demonstrated how I am protected and supported during times of trouble.

The first was when in 2008 when I was driving and unexpectedly hit an ice patch that sent my car swirling in circles on an interstate highway. I ended up in a ditch off the road. I didn’t know if I was in water or on land because the snow was so high.

After taking a few deep breaths to center myself, I watched as car after car drove by without stopping. I said a prayer: “Please send someone good who knows what they’re doing.”

In a matter of moments, a truck stopped, and a young man got out. He called his girlfriend, who soon arrived with her truck and pulled me out of the ditch. Soon, I was driving again, on my way again to a talk I was going to deliver the next day. It’s amazing that I didn’t hit anyone or that no one hit me. It was amazing that as I was heading for the ditch, my car hit a pole that stopped the momentum enough to turn the car backwards as I headed down the embankment. I’m certain that without hitting that pole, my car would have flipped over and there would’ve been a much different outcome. As it was, the car was still driveable and I was completely fine.

My other most memorable angel moment happened last year shortly after my mother died. I was sound asleep and the music on my alarm went off. My first thought as I awakened was, “I have to turn down the music so it won’t wake mom up.” Then I realized I was in her house, not her physical house, but I was inside her very Presence. I understood this dream experience to mean that mom was telling me that I am always enfolded in her arms, her Presence, and that she would always be available to help me.

There are countless other times when I was kept out of harm’s way by my quick-wittedness, my calmness in dangerous situations and my ability to look a would-be rapist straight in the face and say, “I don’t want any of that.” I know that my calmness took him so by surprise that it gave me the split second I needed to rip the car door open and jump out as he sped away.

No matter what is happening in my life, I know beyond all doubt that I live in a benevolent Universe, that I am exponentially loved and that intuition and grace are always working in my Life. I know this same Truth is at work for everyone. Our job is to be open and receptive. Thank you, angels, in all forms, for being so very active in my life. I am grateful! Blessings to all.

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Cathy Combs
Cathy Combs is a freelance writer and workshop architect specializing in personal empowerment and spiritual community leadership development. She lives in Kansas City, MO.


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