Angels respond when we need them most


psychics_2014AS THE THREE OF US work together — in readings, galleries and at events — we are always aware that angels are all around us, helping us deliver messages of love to those who put their trust in us. But we have also had many experiences as individuals that reinforce our knowledge that the Universe sends us these beautiful creatures when we need them the most.

Judie: About a year ago, I was going through a rough patch in my “day” profession. I was very upset about things, but I also knew that I needed to turn over my troubles to the Universe.

A couple of days later, during a massage, an angel showed up. He was about 8 feet tall and very stately, standing at the foot of the massage table. He was wearing a silky, shimmering, celery green gown. Around his waist was a golden belt from which a large sword was hanging. I asked for his name. He said “Henry.” I commented that I had a grandfather named Henry, but that my memory of him was that he wasn’t very nice. Angel Henry replied that he was not my grandfather, but what I remembered was true.

After the massage was over, the masseuse commented on how she had felt another presence in the room. She said she had felt “guided” during the whole session. She asked if I knew anything about that. I grinned and told her what had happened.

So I turned it all over to Henry. Within a month, things were resolved to my satisfaction. Since then, whenever I have been in need of help, I have turned things over to Henry. To assist him, I also do my homework. I make a list of how I want things to be resolved and how I want to feel about the situation. In doing so, I am owning my own responsibility for how my life is to be. But I am also giving all of this over to Henry, so that he and the Universe can bring to me what is in my best interest (or better).

Debra: As an angel communicator, I have seen angels. I have talked to angels. I have heard Angels. I know angels!

My own angels are very busy. They have saved my life and the lives of those I love. I raised four lively boys, so it goes without saying that our home and lives were full of protective angels. They once gave me a warning in the middle of the night when I awakened to a loud pounding on my door, only to find no one there. I then realized that the garage door had accidentally been left wide open that night. Less than ten minutes later, I saw out the window an old car going by very slowly, as if it were casing the neighborhood.

Once, sitting at a red light that turned green, I heard a voice tell me not to go. The car behind me honked. I was still sitting there, with the guy behind me honking, when a car went racing through the red light.

And on a very sad and lonely night, filled with worry and doubt about my personal life, I saw a beautiful angel, a sparkling, brilliant gold in color, right beside my bed.

When people have been very down and sad, I have seen angels very close to them. I have seen huge and small angels, female and male angels, transparent and solid angels. I have never seen an angry angel or a sad angel. I have asked my angels many questions, sometimes repeatedly. They make me smile and laugh, and I make them smile and laugh. I tell people that mine may be the only angels that have to go to therapy! I have felt them close to me and felt them hug me. They are there and I love them. I don’t need to end this lifetime on Earth to know my angels, to see them or hear them. Neither do you. They are there and they love you.

Connie: A few years ago, a plane that my daughter was taking from Houston to Minneapolis blew two tires on takeoff. She had called me for a chat as she was boarding, so when the local TV news (and soon every major cable network) started following the developing story of a Minneapolis-bound plane in trouble, I knew it was hers. Small planes like this one have to burn off fuel in emergencies, so for an hour and a half, I watched my worst nightmare unfold on national television.

During this time, I became aware of a “being” sitting to my right on the sofa, really more like a mass of energy that was whirling so fast that it coalesced into a human form — head, arms, legs and torso, brown in color. I could feel it looking at me, but every time I glanced at it, it would look away. I knew intuitively that this was an angel sent for my comfort, to keep me as calm and unafraid as possible. It certainly didn’t look like your typical glorious, bright-white angel, but it radiated love and I knew that if the worst happened, I would be wrapped in its arms for as long as I needed.

Angels must have been with the pilots of that plane, too. The landing was smooth as glass and everyone was safe. Weeks later, I told Judie and Debra about this odd little being that had sat there with me on the couch. Yes, they confirmed, it was an angel. But why, they wondered, was it brown? I still don’t know, but I chuckle at my quirky little friend, my little brown angel who carried all the love of the Universe just for me, just in case.

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