How Angels intervene in our Lives


Mother_Mary2IN 2001, MY WIFE CAROL and I went to visit my daughter in Budapest, Hungary, the day before 9/11. After a marvelous visit, and a week of uncertainty, Carol flew back home, and I went on a side trip for another week to Medjugorje, in former Yugoslavia. This is where Mother Mary has continued to appear to visionaries since the early 1980s. I wanted to be able to communicate with her, and I hoped that she would be open to me in this sacred place. Though I grew up Catholic, I hadn’t felt a special devotion to her, yet I was drawn to her at this time.

When I prayed and reached out to Mother Mary at the sites of the regular visions, I had significant experiences, but not the direct contact I had sought. So, I just left the site, honoring the 15 mysteries of the rosary. I climbed up a mountain with my pen and notebook, looking for a quiet place to sit and pray. I looked out over the houses and fields below. There, as I grew quiet and at peace, she addressed me.

Our relationship expanded over time with talks, shared experiences and occasions for us to get to know each other. During the next three years, our relationship grew extremely close. She suggested that we draw up a contract of Spiritual Marriage. This would not be an exclusive relationship for either of us. She promised to be always with me, and I promised to always include her. We both promised to work toward becoming one heart and one mind in union with the Father. I printed a contract with the promises that each of us made to each other, and signed the contract, with my wife, my sister and a close friend as witnesses.

As I was considering writing this article, I asked Mother Mary if she had comments. She responded

“Dear Jerome, how would you know that it is an angel that is intervening, or contacting you? You would simply ask, ‘Are you an angel?’ Then you would look for some response. It is helpful for humans to keep the definition of angel very loose. What is key is that the being that you are connecting with is of unconditional love, and seeks only the highest good for everyone. And you can tell this by the energy you feel from them, and by what they say to you.”

I asked her, “Mother Mary, are you an angel?”

She responded:

“Dear Jerome, I am an angel. Since I have a presence within the consciousness of so many different people, I often answer that question with a ‘Yes.’ People all over the world understand angels as positive, powerful, nonphysical beings connected with God, who give a divine message, protection or healing. The important thing is that God is real and cares deeply about each person, enough even to cross what many people think of as the normal limits of human communication or experience.

“What you and I both would like to see is that every living human being would know from deep personal experience that God exists, cares deeply about them, and provides to them love and information to help them in their daily life.

“For some people, such angelic contact is a daily occurrence. Is this possible for others? Indeed. Is this an advantage for living a human life? No other gift matches in importance. What do others need to do to attain such experiences?

“It is simple. Each human has an angelic counterpart. You might call it your higher self, your god-self, or your perfected self. This self is a part of you, even while you are living in a physical body. This self is accessible to you now. This self brings God’s presence and wisdom into your present conscious mind.

“Each of us has a path, unique for us alone. It is not straight and narrow; it has twists and turns that will surprise even the most aware. How do we find this path? Ask. Listen. Be open. Observe. Be at peace. Rejoice. Each day. And it will unfold. Keep on, and it will keep on unfolding.”

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Jerry Buchmeier
Jerome Buchmeier, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist/hypnotherapist practicing in Plymouth. He and his wife Carol host group meditations on Sunday mornings at their home. Call 763.546.4133 if you are interested.


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