A Meditation to Connect with Your Angel


sindiAS WE GO ABOUT our daily lives on planet Earth, there is an “invisible” spiritual realm happening 24/7. Whether it is acknowledged or not, there is energy that can not be seen with our physical eyes, but instead, with our clairvoyance — our clear seeing or spiritual sight.

We are spirits with bodies. Spirits without bodies also exist. Within the population of spirits without bodies, there are souls that are here to help us and those with less-beneficial agendas. Just as the physical world is filled with diversity and people with all different personalities and behaviors, so is the spiritual world. Some beings without bodies volunteer their services to us, whether we have asked for help or not. They may invade our aura and physical space with their energies, put thoughts in our head and do their best to create what they want through us. These beings are not always well intended; instead, they want to satisfy their desires and help themselves, not us.

In the spiritual realm that surrounds us, beings are here to help us. They are helper beings. They are angels. These beautiful entities are always available, but instead of forcing themselves on us or assuming they know what we need, they wait for us to ask them for help. This is because they respect us, and our space. They respect that there is freewill and give us room to make our own choices. These beings are waiting for us to give them jobs. During a session I had last week, I introduced a young man to a being that was available to help him. He shared with me how excited this spirit was to help. And it’s true! Angels love it when we acknowledge them and validate them by giving them something to do. They want to help us!

In addition to working with people, I work with animals. The validation angels experience when we give them a job reminds me of how excited a dog gets when he is given a job! Our canine friends so often simply want to please us. They want to be acknowledged and fulfilled by a job well done — whether it is sitting patiently, bringing you the mail, barking at potential intruders or choosing not to chase the cat! Dogs need clear messages from us so they understand what we want them to do. Similarly, angels are waiting for messages from us. When you ask for help from angels, you are not taking anything away from anyone else. There is an abundance of angelic help available with no threat of running out!

Angels are spiritual beings without bodies. You are a spiritual being, with a body on right now. The more you are in touch with yourself, as spirit, the more aware you will become of other spirits — those that are patiently waiting to be asked to help and those whose goals are more self-serving and not beneficial to us.

The following is a meditation to help you connect with yourself, as spirit, and angelic spirits available to help you in your life.

Meditation to connect with the Spiritual Realm

The meditative visualization techniques I am going to share with you can be practiced with your eyes open or closed. You can use them while sitting, lying down, walking your dog, driving in traffic, asking for a raise, while out on a date or absolutely any time at all. I do encourage you to take time every day, even if it is just a few minutes to sit quietly, close your eyes and focus on you, the soul, as well as your body. Feel free to use these tools at any time, as often as you moved to do so.

While you can use these techniques at any time, during this meditation, I am going to invite you to practice a position that will allow you to have an open system for your energies to flow freely. Sit in a straight back chair with both feet separated and flat on the floor. Separate your hands and rest them in your lap. During meditation, I encourage you to close your eyes. Closing our eyes helps us to tune out distractions of the physical world and tune more into the spiritual realm.

Notice how your body feels as you sit in your chair with your feet and hands separated and your eyes closed. Take slow, deep breaths to help relax your body and draw your attention more to the present moment.

You have an energy center, or chakra, located near the base of your spine. This is your first chakra. Be aware of this energy center. Allow yourself to visualize, create and imagine energy flowing from this area near the base of your spine straight down through your chair, the floor, the foundation of the building, the layers of the earth and all the way down to the center of the planet. This is your grounding cord. Allow your grounding to be securely attached at your first chakra and the center of the earth.

Being grounded helps you to be more in touch with yourself and your body. Take slow, deep breaths and relax as you ground. Notice what it feels like to be grounded. How does your body respond, as you take charge, as spirit, and ground it? Being grounded helps your body to feel less afraid, safer and more confident.

You can be grounded anytime, anywhere, while relaxing or engaging in any activity.

You are spirit. A bright light. A soul. You have a body that you are manifesting through, as spirit. Your grounding helps you to bring more of your spiritual energy into your body. Being grounded helps you, the soul, to work more in harmony with your body.

You, the spiritual being, can be anywhere. Wherever you have your attention, that’s where you are! You can be in the past, the present, the future. Your physical body, however, can only be one place, right here, right now. You, the soul, can be in Hawaii, simply by imagining it; your body will need to buy a plane ticket!

Right now, have your attention just above your head. Be there, as spirit. Now gently move down into the center of your head, the area behind and slightly above your eyes. Be in the center of your head. When you are in the center of your head, you are in your body. Being in the center of your head helps you to have a more neutral, non-judgmental perspective of yourself and others. What does it feel like to be there? Crowded, empty, familiar, scary, uncomfortable, peaceful? Notice what it is like to be in the center of your head right now. Some people even experience some tension or a headache when focusing there consciously for the first time. Let yourself have your unique experience. Be aware of yourself as spirit, as you focus in the center of your head. Say hello to yourself silently, as you focus there. Say hello to your body and let yourself receive a response.

Being grounded and centered helps you to be more in the present moment. Grounding and centering helps you to protect your space from energies and entities not in harmony with you. These techniques also can help you to have clearer communication with beings available to help you.

Your grounding can also be used, as a tool, to release energy. You can release any energy you want to: stress, tension, fear, pain, harmful thoughts, distractions, old habits, other people’s opinions, and any non-beneficial energy that may interfere with you creating what you want and need in your life.

Start by releasing energy from the center of your head to make more room for you, the soul, to be there. Let go of any energy that makes it uncomfortable for you to be in the center of your head. Simply let the energy flow from the center of your head, straight down your grounding to the center of the Earth. When it reaches the center of the planet, the energy is neutralized to be reused. Releasing energy down your grounding does not harm the planet.

Next, release down through your grounding cord anything that interferes with you being aware of yourself, as spirit. Take some slow, deep breaths to relax your body and assist with releasing energy. Use your grounding to release anything that keeps you from acknowledging the existence of other spirits. Let go of fear you may have about other spirits. Let go of any doubt that gets in the way of you seeing or sensing them.

Be aware of one angel that is available to help you. Use your grounding to release anything that would interfere with this relationship. Release any interference to your communication with this soul. Use your grounding to release anything that interferes with you asking for help and receiving help. Be aware of being grounded and centered. Tune into one thing you would like this angel to help you with in your life. Ask this entity to help you with this one thing. Allow yourself to receive a response from this being that is an angel. You may hear words, get a sense or feeling or see something that helps you receive this communication.

Communicate anything else you would like to with this being right now. Use your grounding to release energy. When you have completed your communication, you can say goodbye to the angel for now or ask it to remain with you.

Just as you say hello to angels, you can say goodbye. Don’t worry, it’s temporary! You can communicate with and call on this and other angels whenever you want. When you have completed your communication with an angel or angels, you can say goodbye and then call on them at a later time. Of course, you can also ask an angel or angels to spend the day with you!

Give yourself permission to use grounding, centering and releasing energy to assist you in your life and in your relationships with other spirits in bodies and out of bodies. Use these techniques to help you have clearer communication with yourself and with the angels.

Angels are fun, supportive friends to have. They are friends waiting for you to acknowledge them. They want to meet you! And always remember, they want to help you.

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Sindi Somers
Sindi Somers is a Certified Meditation Teacher, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer and Psychic Reader based in San Diego, California. She offers sessions in person, but also long distance services to anyone, anywhere in the world, including the Twin Cities! Visit her online at WildTame.com or her blog on APetPsychic.com.


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