Message from the Angels


conchWHO AM I?  What am I here to do?  I had become what I thought everyone wanted me to be, but in the process I had lost myself. And so the adventure began to find me again.

Two years into the journey, many things in my life were uncertain. I had left a 25-year marriage. The lease was up on my apartment and I didn’t know where I would live. I wondered if I would ever find my soul mate. My consulting business was surviving, but money was tight. I was in doubt about my future, questioning what would happen to me.

While co-facilitating an experiential workshop on passion and purpose in the Yucatan, magic happened. Knowing it was time for a break, I decided to take a walk along a deserted tropical beach with my companion. Unexpectedly, I felt a powerful desire to find a conch shell. Seeing the shell clearly in my mind, I knew exactly what I wanted but really didn’t know why.

After walking for some time, I began to lose hope, seeing there were almost no shells on this beach. Frustrated, I declared, “I would be happy to find just the center spiral of a conch shell.” Suddenly, I looked up and saw two men walking towards us wearing business clothes and shoes. They were definitely not dressed for the beach. As they approached, one of them pointed toward the water and said, “There, that’s for you!”

As I moved closer, I saw a large, totally whole conch shell about eight feet into the water. I waded in, picked it up, and showed it to my companion. I turned around to thank the man, only to find they were both nowhere in sight…they disappeared. In that moment, I knew these guardian angels had been sent to me with a message: “Reach for what you desire.”

Awed and elated, this conch shell represented success with the message: “I must trust that I can have whatever I want. I just have to ask and then receive.” I also need the courage to go and get it.

Many times, things are pointed out to us, but if we don’t take action, then nothing happens. I now believed I was a co-creator of my future, ready to take the next step and expand the scope of my life and business.

As time passed, every time I looked at the conch shell, I wondered, “What else do I need to know?” It was as if it was spurring me on to find a deeper meaning. Once again, an answer came when an Aztec dancer was placed on my path and told me the conch shell is the messenger. Now as the modern-day muse, I am the messenger for passion and purpose as the energy source for success. When you know who you are, you know what to do.

The adventure continues….

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Lori Palm
is the CEO of Core Passion Inc. A life-long entrepreneur, Lori is a modern-day muse inspiring passion, purpose, and possibilities to fuel success for individuals, business owners, and organizations. She sees the unseen opportunities everywhere. She is the creator of the Core Passion® Assessment, a unique validated, on-line self-assessment that discovers the inner forces that drive us and converts that discovery into measurable results. Lori guides people/businesses to discover and ignite their passion and develop plans that turn burning desire into gold.


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