Angelic protection, a mother’s prayers, and a smack on the head


abstract_earth_lightWE NEVER KNEW exactly what happened before waking up in a French hospital. “You hit a tree head on,” they told us. “You were knocked unconscious. The car is totaled.”

At first, I felt terribly annoyed to be kept in the hospital for three days when I had a vacation schedule to keep. I felt annoyed that my body ached all over when I was starting my 10-day vacation to France, Spain and Italy. Locating someone in Spain to remove the stitches from my head felt like a huge inconvenience.

The gravity of my situation struck me abruptly once I got back to my French apartment and read a letter from my mother. In the letter, my mother had included an obituary of a high school friend who had died suddenly in a small plane crash. Sue was dead?! And I was alive!? Oh my gosh!

Suddenly, my thinking turned upside down. My thoughts raced: “I am so lucky to be here. The car was totaled. Our rescuers had to cut the car to get us out. My head hit the windshield because I was not wearing a seat belt. (I pulled glass shards out of my head months later.) We could have been killed. All I got were a lot of aches and pains and a few stitches in my head and knee.”

I have a hazy recollection of seeing myself being placed into the ambulance. Although I don’t remember my guardian angel intervening, I have never doubted that angelic presence kept me connected to my life. Later, we discovered that my mother, who was in the United States, had a terrible nightmare about me lying wounded on a road. When we checked the timing, we found she had the nightmare at the same time we had the accident in France. I also believe that my mother’s prayers kept me safe from more serious harm.

This event at the ripe age of 20 changed me forever. I don’t know about you at the age of 20, but me, I was fairly self-centered and egotistical. The knock on the head made me see things in a new way. I felt as though I had been given a new life. After working through a layer of shock, I began asking big-picture questions: Why am I still here? I must be here for a reason. What is it that I am supposed to do with this life I have been given?

Maybe you, too, have come to a turning point in your life of asking what you’re here to do. Hopefully, it didn’t take a smack on the head to knock some sense into you. Maybe you’re starting that journey now.

Over the past 35 years, I have searched and gathered tools that have helped me find answers for myself about my purpose and how to connect to my intuitive wisdom. I have learned that physical body wisdom will inform you when your mental body is spinning in circles. Connecting to intuitive heart wisdom helps immensely in navigating relationships with other people. Aligning body, mind, emotions and Divine Wisdom will help you bring your work out to the world more easily and gracefully.

Leah Skurdal’s next Intuitive Development class series begins in March 2014. She shares tools to connect you to your innate wisdom and live a purposeful life. Participants gain more inner peace, a deeper trust in your inner knowing and a sense of deeper connection to God within.

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