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abstract-trafficAn excerpt from excerpt from Writing Down Your Dreams: Listen to Your Inner Voice and Change Your Life

ON DECEMBER 4, 2004, I was driving home by myself after running an errand. I came to a traffic light on 24th Avenue and Main Street in Norman, a city about 20 miles south of downtown Oklahoma City.

When the traffic light is red, we are taught to stop. It is illegal to proceed when the light is red. That is the law. Similarly, when the light is green, the most logical thing to do is to proceed, but with caution. That is also the law.

As I approached the traffic light, the red light was on. I was waiting for the light to turn green so that I could make a left-hand turn. The light eventually turned green.

I did not move.

Let me say it again.

I did not move.


Here is why.

I did not move because of a voice — a voice I heard so audibly that said, “Do not move.” This was not a schizophrenic moment. Hearing such a voice is regarded by some as clairaudience. While I was sitting stationary at the green light, after being advised not to move, a few seconds later a red pick-up truck moving at about 50 mph (in a 40 mph zone) ran the red light on the cross street.

Close your eyes for a few seconds. Think of what could have happened to anyone in a similar situation (it could have been you). A driver or pehaps an entire family could have been incapacitated or killed. Wow!

Had I moved — not even maybe, not even probably — I would have been killed or incapacitated for life. I really don’t know how the accident would have transpired, but it was averted. Pause for a moment and think of what could have happened had I not listened and obeyed that voice. Had I not listened and obeyed that voice, I wouldn’t have been alive to write the article you are reading now.

Had I been flipping radio stations, or lighting a cigarette (I am not a smoker), or texting or talking on my cell, I probably would not have heard the voice that told me not to move.

This voice speaks every language; it communicates to you in whatever language you speak.

I received insights from this experience. Whenever you are driving, think of the following:

  • Just because the traffic light is green, it doesn’t mean it is safe to proceed.
  • Just because the traffic light is green, it doesn’t mean that the other driver is safe.
  • The traffic light that is green is a signal that you can proceed, but is more of a signal that you have to be very careful before proceeding.
  • Any traffic light that is green is not a signal that your safety is guaranteed.

A word of caution: please, while driving, be patient. Also, think of the consequences (possible loss of life, incapacitation, grief, expensive tickets, high insurance premiums, etc.).

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Paul Chika Emekwulu was born in Ekwulobia in southeastern Nigeria. His books, articles and activities have been reviewed, published and featured in Nigeria and in several U.S. newspapers and magazines. His interests include the paranormal, exploring properties of triangular numbers and Fibonacci numbers. He independently developed a mathematical formula connecting triangular numbers and numbers of the Fibonacci sequence. Emekwulu has spoken at several schools and organizations, and he has been a guest on several radio and TV stations.


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