2014 Psychic Symposium: Interview with Sherry Lord


Lord-Sherry2Sherry Lord: Co-Creating Wealth
10-11:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 1 at Earle Brown Heritage Center, Brooklyn Center, MN

SHERRY LORD NEVER expected to become a professional medium, psychic and channel of an energetic collective known as Namara. She was a former mechanical engineer in automotive production in Michigan and a woman who helped her late husband run a business several hours north of Detroit.

Sure, she visualized numbers and occasionally played the lottery — and won $500 here and $1,000 there — in her 20s, but she thought nothing of it. She chalked it all up to things she made up in her mind. Years went by and, in her 30s, Sherry’s perspective of reality began to change.

“I had no idea of the metaphysical world. I was not introduced to it until I went through my changes in my 30s,” she says. “My abilities went to new levels and became quite profound. They were experiences I had not had before. I was awakening and evolving to my true path and my true passion.

“My kids were young, teenagers, and I remember having a vision. I was sitting in my living room watching my kids argue while raking leaves in the yard. I thought, ‘I just wish they would get along.’ The next thing I knew, and this is very true, part of me became part of a tree trunk outside observing this metaphor. And as I looked outside, everything was in peace and harmony. This was the vision I had as I was looking outside. I saw Jesus standing there, and I saw myself as a little girl running into His arms.

“I wasn’t afraid of what I was seeing. I just didn’t understand what was happening. My experiences were becoming very profound. I became very telepathic, and I could hear what people were thinking.”

She visited a bookstore and, surprisingly, the shopkeeper understood what she was saying. Sherry was encouraged to attend a class to develop and understand her innate intuitive gifts. Not knowing what to expect, she dressed up as she would for a business meeting, even carrying her briefcase, and arrived to find a class of people dressed in shirts and jeans. She said she didn’t know why she was there, only that she was encouraged to join them.

That led to many classes on intuition and healing, and three years later she was giving intuitive readings to others. “This became my passion,” she says. “It was something I cannot explain. It came from the heart. And I knew this is what I loved to do. I dedicated myself to moving forward on this life path. It’s about helping people to find peace. What I really love is that it’s about helping people to evolve consciously. You have all the answers within. You are your own master. You have a choice on the way to live your life. ”

Sherry Lord, who now lives in Venice, Florida, will speak on “Co-Creating Wealth” at Minneapolis Psychic Symposium. She says that “wealth is simply a frequency,” and the process involves looking at reality differently, to no longer separate the world and spirituality but to view it as one whole.

“The Earth, your life experiences and spirituality are all one,” she says. “You cannot separate them. The key to co-creating wealth begins with having a very clear intention, and then taking action, which is the miracle. The third part is to allow, and the fourth part is to receive. People have a hard time receiving what they have created. All you have to do is see it as already done, and then take the physical steps to it. As you take the physical steps, you will be guided to what to do next by trusting your own intuition, your own inner being, of what you need to do.

“Remember that we’re not alone. We don’t have to do it all ourselves. Ask your angels and ask your guides to help you.”

Sherry has the ability to receive insight intuitively — and as a deep trance channel — from a highly evolved group collective known as Namara, “who hold the tone for creation.” She will not channel Namara at the Psychic Symposium, but will receive information from them while speaking. Her message to participants will be a lesson she learned: to ask questions. Sitting in silent meditation is fine, but she encourages us to remember to ask questions of our angels and guides and to receive the answers ourselves.

“Empowerment is going within and receiving your own insights. When you go within to get your own information, your own inner guidance, then you develop a deep trust — and that will expand all that you do.”

She says Namara is encouraging us to use meditation and times of silence to integrate the new energies that are now being made available to us. “They’re saying to focus on your dreams and focus on your life. This is an intense time for creation right now, and we’re all being supported. This is a time to make your vision board and create big. It’s about empowering yourself.

“The words I am hearing are: ‘Enjoy your life. Claim it. Create the life you want. It lies within you.'”

For more information on Sherry Lord, visit www.sherrylord.com | For more information on Minneapolis Psychic Symposium, visit www.Edgelife.net

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