Ancient technologies can balance our future: Using the energy science of BioGeometry


Curtis-Transmuting-energyWhen a jet plane crashes and the authorities are trying to make sense of what went wrong, the first thing that they look for is the flight data recorder or “black box,” a highly protected recording device that replays information from the flight crew to see what might have gone wrong and prevent it from happening again. Similarly, we all have our own internal black box containing our past records. Whether we are aware of this or not, most of our choices are a result of either positive or negative experiences from our past.

Today, the world’s black box is being replayed. The current electromagnetic overload on Earth is closely tied to a period of time, even before our modern notion of ancient history. Once again, the abuse of energetic power and our loss of true spiritual connection are in the forefront of consciousness.

Before the majority of our ancient relatives fell for the illusion of material power over Divine love, we experienced a Golden Age, a time when we recognized and lived by the laws of Divine Spirit. The black box of our past contains clues to help us expand our awareness and move forward.

Many of the lost secrets have become available to us again. The missing link between science and spirituality is rapidly being reconnected, and energy sciences like BioGeometry are giving us new hope that we can re-harmonize ourselves to the natural world while still using the benefits of modern technology.

BioGeometry, developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, is a patented science that provides methods for energetic balancing and protection. Today our world is being bombarded constantly by electromagnetic radiation. This electro-smog puts both our physical immune system and our spiritual bodies on constant alert to stay protected. The science of BioGeometry provides methods to balance the detrimental energies of daily life, achieving harmony within our physical and subtle bodies and enabling us to become more of who we truly are.

BioGeometry is a true holistic science with no limits to what it can be applied to. Elements of this science can be found throughout the natural world in something as simple as a bird’s nest and as grand as the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

There was a time in my life when I found myself unable to function normally in my personal and work life. The only time I felt comfortable was when I was barefoot outside or lying down on the Earth with nothing between me and the ground but a towel. The electromagnetic world had overcome my immune system, my ability to effectively put in a full day of work, and it had clouded my emotions so that I was unaware of what I truly felt. Through BioGeometry, I came to realize that my own home, a place where I had thought I was safe and secure, was actually acting as a battleground of unseen energies. I happened to be right in the middle.

BioGeometry taught me that there is a system of grid lines encircling the Earth, similar to the meridians that transfer energetic information through our physical bodies. These grid lines carry energetic information across the Earth and interact with everything they encounter. Unfortunately, in modern times these grids have become increasingly polluted with detrimental electromagnetic radiation.

By understanding these grid lines, I realized that my home office, my bed and my seat at the dining table were all on one of these toxic grid lines. Every day I was spending hours absorbing all the toxic energy that was flowing through this line. Over time, this line impregnated my body with toxic energy, weakening my immune system and rendering me ineffective in daily life.

With BioGeometry, I began to balance the grid lines by transmuting the energy, or turning the detrimental energy to beneficial. BioGeometry provided me with tools that use shape, motion, sound and color to harmonize the detrimental energies around us and, thus, transmute them. By restoring harmony and balance in my home, my immune system began to operate normally and my business responded by blossoming.

When I removed the pressure that toxic energies exerted over me, I was given the opportunity to flourish, the way we once did at the height of the Golden Age.

We can recreate a modern age of gold. This transformation starts within each of us; for me, BioGeometry has been one of the many gifts from Spirit to help put all the pieces back together.

The black box has been opened. Are you ready to listen to its message?

Science of BioGeometry
Carrigan Curtis will present her next workshop on the science of BioGeometry from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, April 12, at Living Waters Cafe and Market, 12201 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka. For more info, visit



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