My daughter, talking too loudly in another room, awoke me from a dream. My eyes opened. What sifted into my consciousness was a faint awareness of my physical body lying in a bed. And yet, a part of me was still a participant in the dream.

In this lucid dream, I was a sphere of intense light huddled with five or six others under a grayish night sky in a large clearing in the middle of a never-ending sea of birch trees. The others were also spheres of intense pure light. Together we formed a ring of brightness in the middle of the woods.

The concept of a campfire entered my consciousness. My awake, physical self watched my soul partake in this campfire. But there was no real fire. We souls were the campfire. Melded together, we were producing an unfathomably magnificent love. My awake, physical self was experiencing this love: a brilliant, unlimited, bottomless, all-encompassing love. This love swelled in me. This loved consumed and enraptured me.

I thought, “Do not lose this feeling. Go back.”

I closed my eyes and willed myself back to that clearing in the birch woods. I dismissed thought forms and my physical body. Timelessness engulfed me. Everything I was, am, and always will be melded back with my soul companions into that burning soul circle of love.

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Mindy Schulke
Mindy Schulke is a software engineer, a yogi, and a vegan. Contact her at [email protected].


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