I found Heaven under the Sea

Always having wondered what “heaven” looked like and asking God to show me but He did not, I was shown what I did not expect. It was in a very vivid dream.

I receive what I call “film clip” dreams. The dreams consist of the past, present and future. What makes them different than a “regular” dream? The vision in my sleep state looks to be so high definition that you would think that you are in a theater with 3D glasses on. In real life, I would be standing about six feet from the subject matter, observing each detail of the people and objects.

Sometimes I can feel the emotion between the people or hear their dialogue. If it presents itself as a past scene or character from my own life, I see the actual clothing the person had worn and what they had done. Or, I may see myself on an earlier date with a reenactment of what I had done. Personally, I think only God would be capable of having a video of each one of us playing each moment of our lives!

This was my dream experience of Heaven.

Everything was vividly displayed and within my presence. I could touch the objects my eyes were drawn to. I found myself in the water, which I recognized as the ocean because of the tropical fish around me. It was as if you had shrunk me and put me in an aquarium. The fish were magnificently and vibrantly colored, and they swam around me pleasantly without fear. In size, the fish weighed as much as a cat. I reached out to touch them and they stood still!

The water was crystal clear with a very light blue tint, lit by radiant beams of the sun that penetrated to the floor of the sea. I looked around and saw treasure chests with open lids filled with gold coins and jewels that were very large. I saw emeralds, rubies, diamonds, sapphires and others that I never even knew existed. Coral of every color stood among beautiful underwater plants and blooming foliage. I felt loved. Sparkling glitter of gold gingerly floated through the water from above. I could breathe safely in this water. I wondered for a moment how that was possible, but the concern simply vanished from my mind.

I later recalled how I got to this Sea.

God had said, “Walk with me; I want to show you a place.” I did. He walked with me to a mild incline, which was pointed and surrounded by a shore of luxurious stones. We were surrounded by three sides of the sea. We walked to the lower end of a very sharp, pointed terrain of heaven. To my amazement, He gently stretched out his arm to me and asked for my hand. I gave it to him. Together we walked hand and hand into the sea.

I did not know of the word “fear” at this place. My complete trust was in this long-haired man who was “new” to me, but at the same time I knew we had known each other all along! I didn’t know how I got there and I didn’t remember my past.

After being so happy and carefree in this most extraordinary place, which I call the Sea of Heaven, I spotted an elevator. I remember walking out of it with several others, knowing that I had to go back. The long-haired man was still a part of who I was and am, but He disappeared from view.

I woke up to the sunlight in my window. My day began with the radio playing as I made my first cup of java. Yes, it had been a dream, but also was a detailed blueprint of what is yet to come.



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