Letters to the Editor


Dear editor,
Thanks for your interview with Asia Voight in the recent copy of The Edge (February 2014). I had the opportunity to interview her over 10 years ago – actually, I called her up and asked her out for coffee and it turned into an interview, and she was very gracious. Just now, I was reading through my notes and it served up some good memories from that meeting.

I went into the interview fairly skeptical about her ability to communicate with animals, but became a believer over the hour or so spent together. She could not have possibly known of a deceased pet of mine, but assured me that “Teddy” was fine. Okay, you had me at naming him!

I enjoy the range of topics in The Edge and kudos to you and your staff for its variety. All the best to you in 2014. — Michelle Gardner, Woodbury, MN

Dear editor,
Your magazine The Edge is a joy to see wherever I go because I believe in its messages; the past few years of creating a holistic lifestyle for myself have been life-changing.

Without your magazine I wouldn’t know about most of the happenings around the Twin Cities that connect the most fundamental pieces of my life to other people, thus helping to weave our interconnectedness more tightly. — Mercedes Knapp, Minneapolis, MN


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