NDE: One Manifestation of Death


Many manifestations of death exist. One is the physical, when you are six feet under and, unless you are a zombie, you ain’t comin’ back out of that grave. The second manifestation is one of loss, when a person loses someone or something that changes the course of their earthly walk on a spiritual, emotional, mental or physical level. A third manifestation is what some refer to as a near-death experience (NDE).

Physical death is not just a physical occurrence. As Spirit has presented to me, physical death occurs when the body and soul no longer vibrate at the same level. The physical form must resonate at a high enough level to keep the soul embodied. When a person’s body becomes extremely ill or injured, it may begin to vibrate at a lower rate, causing the soul to loosen from its holding.

When a healing takes place in our mortal housing, the vibration once again rises and the soul is once again secured. If the body cannot regain its vibrational well-being, the soul is drawn to the place from whence it came (the spiritual plane), coinciding within the vibrations of that realm until it is once again drawn to a physical incarnation.

When someone endures a string of losses, bad luck or a single life-changing event, this is what some call a dark night of the soul. For an unenlightened people, this can be humiliating, painful and paralyzing. They raise their fists to the heavens and ask, “Why?” Instead of trying to understand the value of the experience, they prefer to play the role of victim.

The humiliation and pain can be just as great for an enlightened individual, however they are not paralyzed by the foreboding shades that linger within this valley of death they now find themselves traversing. The enlightened individual reaches deep into the psyche so as to be honed by the fires of soulful pain and rebirthed as a higher vibrational being. Many shamans, holy people and those chosen to walk a divine path often are thrown into dark nights of the soul by Spirit, so they are prepared for what lies next for them on their unique road of enlightenment.

A near-death experience is most often welcomed by a listener who is engaged in its retelling. Since death for many represents the unknown, when an individual experiences death and lives to tell about it, people tend to listen!

This third manifestation of death is very much like physical death, but instead of the body being unable to re-secure the soul, the soul is called back into the physical through either a medical or Divine hand. Some near-death experiences are choreographed through shamanic means so an individual can be initiated into a higher level of spiritual practice.

Warning: Those who desire to resonate at a higher vibration by taking into their own inexperienced hands the choice to create an NDE most often end up in the first manifestation of death we discussed: six feet under. Even for tribes, religions and traditions well versed in the practice of inducing near-death experiences, a high rate of permanent physical death occurs.

Though these manifestations of death are just a handful of the most common, there are so many more aspects of this sacred journey. I have personally experienced several manifestations of death. To me, death is light and is not to be feared, but honored. Death is life’s partner, and she dances gracefully within his arms to the rhythm of heartbeats.

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