My father’s near death experience

In 2007 I was staying in Fairfield, Iowa, taking some classes in the Seraphim Blueprint Healing System. My father lived in a western suburb of Minneapolis, and while he and Mom were visiting a friend he fell down her very poorly placed steps into the basement and broke several ribs and damaged a heart valve. He was taken to Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, and put into the Heart ICU department under close supervision, because they didn’t know if he would survive.

When I got the news, I was sitting in a teleconference class on the Seraphim Healing system. I asked the other participants in the group if they would mind sending some of the energy to my father. I told the group what my father’s name was, and then we all closed our eyes and started sending the energy.

Prior to that, I had been sending the energy myself to my father, and I could feel it flowing into me and out through my forehead up to him in Minneapolis. Immediately when the other eight or nine people in the group closed their eyes and starting started to send the energy to Dad, I felt the energy flow from them into me, and then through me to Dad. I hadn’t expected that, but I guess that was natural, because I already had the connection and they had no idea who he was; it must have been easier for the energy to flow to me and then to Dad than for each of them to connect independently. The effect on me was that the energy flow became 10 times stronger. It felt as though my forehead was going to explode with that much energy going through it.

Standing in the doorway
We sent Dad energy for about 10 minutes until he became stabilized and then we resumed the class. The next morning, I began the drive to Minneapolis. The drive up Interstate 35 doesn’t require much attention with the cruise control on, so I was sending a combination of the Seraphim Blueprint Energy and some Reiki energy to Dad as I was driving, with my eyes open, of course.

After about 45 minutes of feeling the energy flow to Dad, suddenly a huge wave of light, energy and bliss came flooding back to me. I said, “What’s this, I’m sending energy to you, so why is all this energy coming back to me?”

Then what I saw was Dad standing in the doorway between this dimension and the next higher Heavenly dimension. It was not actually a framed doorway or a huge gate, merely a parting of the veil between the two dimensions. However, there’s so much brilliant sparkling diamond white light pouring through from the other side that some people could easily say it looks like Pearly Gates.

Dad looked like he was about 35 years old, in perfect health and he was very excited and confused. He said, “What’s going on, where am I?”

I told him that he was standing in the doorway between here and Heaven, but I asked him not to cross over yet. I said that the rest of the family was coming to town to say goodbye, and that maybe we could still heal him. Then I said, “But, I don’t get up here that often and since the door is open, let’s look around a bit.”

Bill — who’s Bill?
Dad started looking around on the other side of the door and then suddenly called out excitedly, “Bill!”

I asked, “Who is Bill?” Then up from his left side came his brother Bill, my uncle, who had passed away many years earlier. He also looked like he was in perfect health and about 35 years old. I thought to myself, “This was getting interesting,” so I moved up closer to have a better look through the doorway. Sure enough, in the background I saw Dad’s sister, Aunt Janet, sitting with a small group. Then I asked about her husband, Uncle Lambert. He was farther away, probably with his family group, but he came over and greeted Dad and shook his hand.

They all looked like they were at their prime, about 30-35 years old, happy and in perfect health. Then I asked about Uncle Harold, but the word came back that he was too far away, probably as part of a different family group, to come over, but he sent his regards. Shortly after all this greeting, we both came back down and the doorway closed.

Now, that could have all been my imagination, but once I got to the hospital, I was told by my wife that at that same time, my Dad was in the dimly lit ICU room and he started pointing at the ceiling and saying, “Look at the light, look at the light,” and then “Who’s that over there, who’s that?” So, apparently he was having the same experience in the ICU room and at the same time that I was sharing it with him while driving up I-35.

Once I arrived at the hospital, I worked on him energetically several more times, and in a few days he was able to go home. On the drive home, I asked him if he remembered any of that experience. He said no, he was too doped up on medicines. Then I asked him what he thought about death and heaven, and he said that he didn’t worry about it too much, that he knew I’d take care of him when the time came.

I almost cried, because this was coming from a man who rarely went to church, didn’t meditate, drank and swore a lot. As it turned out, I did take care of him a year later when his time was up and he transitioned back upstairs due to kidney failure. It was quite a nice reunion that was waiting for him, and I’ve continued to send him energy and help him along since then.

The Lady Next to Dad in the ICU
A middle aged lady was in the stall next to Dad in the ICU. She had come in for a “routine” surgery to repair something that had been done a while back, but something went wrong and she went into a coma and wasn’t coming out. I asked the nurse how she was doing. She said, “Not well, she’s being kept alive by 12 machines.”

Her family at the hospital was totally freaked out. This was supposed to be routine, and now she was close to death. Her body was cut wide open down the front and she’d swollen up so much that that couldn’t close her up. They just laid gauze over the huge incision, hoping the swelling would go down.

I went up to one of her daughters, explained briefly what I did and said that I’d be willing to try sending their mother some energy if they wanted me to, but it was up to them. They talked it over and said fine, there was nothing to lose. I pulled up a chair next to her, closed my eyes and began sending both the Seraphim and Reiki energies to her.

After about 40-50 minutes, I saw their mother’s spirit come floating back in horizontally over the physical body. She looked great, about 30 years old, pretty and perfectly healthy, almost the opposite of how her physical body looked. As she looked down on her body, she said, “I didn’t know this was possible.” I said it was up to her if she wanted to come back in or not. I said her family was all here and terribly distraught at losing her, but that I could understand if she wanted to stay in spirit. The choice was hers.

My wife and I drove back out to our house, and while sitting on the deck talking about the day’s activities, I got word that the mother was “going to go for it” and come back in. The next morning, when we went back downtown to the hospital to check on Dad, I also checked in on the mother. She was down to only five machines assisting her, and she had regained consciousness enough to talk to her family for five minutes before I got there. I can only assume that everything worked out fine after that, because I never heard from the family again.

I never told them about their mother floating back in and having to choose between staying upstairs in the bliss of Heaven or making the big sacrifice to come back into the worn-out body because she loved them so much.



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