My near death experience


I remember being the tender age of 13 and riding my bike to the Spring Lake Park beach. I wasn’t that good with the breast stroke, but boy could I swim on my back.

I remember this particular day in 1971 vividly. It was one of those perfect warm summer days. I met up with my buddies at the beach, and while they were getting ready to jump into the water, I decided to get right in. On my back I went and swam out to the middle of the lake with my strong back stroke, and then I swam back..

I touched the dock and dropped my legs down. What I didn’t know was that I had gotten turned around; I hadn’t swam in to shore but out further into the lake. What I touched was weeds, and my legs became entwined in them. I fought to break loose, but I couldn’t. I panicked and was so afraid.

I raised my hand in the universal sign for “I’m downing.” The lifeguard looked at me and I remember him smiling and laughing at me. He most likely figured I was just goofing around, because I easily swam out to my location.

I put up my index finger and then my middle finger and almost got my third finger up when the most amazing sensation took over. I felt the most serene sense of peace and pure joy. All was good and I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful place to be. I wanted to stay there and thought I could. There was no fear or struggle.

I let go and knew I was in the embrace of an angel. She was smiling at me. She was so kind, full of love for me. I died that day and went to the Other Side.

I remember the angel being next to me in the sand — and time stood still.

The next minute I felt like I slammed into my body and it hurt so bad. My lungs were on fire and I struggled to open my eyes. When I did, so many faces were staring down at me. I heard my friends crying and people shouting.

I was very confused and choking. It was awful. It scared the hell out of me. My first thought was that my parents were going to kill me, because I wasn’t supposed to be at the lake. I was scheduled to be working at the Tom Thumb convenience store that my parents owned. I got to my feet, and everyone was still screaming around me. I could hear the ambulance. I ran as quickly as I could, jumped onto my bike and took off to work.

I still felt that burn in my lungs and coughed up what I could. I was so dizzy I could barely see. I looked up towards the sky and there she was, my angel — and she hasn’t left me since that day.

My friends came to the store and I made them pinky swear they would never tell anyone what happened to me that day on the beach. They never did. This is the first time I have told this story.

I know I am always protected, the Spirit world is real and so are angels. You are never ever alone.

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Alison James
Alison James was born naturally gifted and is one of the top psychics mediums in America. Alison also an accomplished pet psychic medium. Experiencing the divine this acutely is as normal to her as breathing is to most of us. Over the past few decades she's assisted thousands reach their personal best and find peace within their souls. Alison currently resides in Minnesota with her family and their menagerie. Alison teaches Psychic Development classes provides live events and you can book a reading with her Monday-Friday online at her website. Contact her by phone or email.


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