Psychic Overload: Hope for the reluctant and developing psychic


There seems to be three classes of intuitives: those who don’t know it, those who make use of their abilities, and those who just want to make it go away.

If you find yourself in the latter group — or you’re just learning about your intuitive gifts — you are likely frustrated, irritated, disturbed or downright terrified by the abilities that are working so hard to get your attention. You may be terrified by dreams that come true, traumatized by Spirit that won’t let you be, troubled by auras you don’t want to see, and more.

Or you might be ready and willing, but unprepared, for the sometimes-debilitating experiences that occur during development. Don’t sweat it; there is a prescription for the psychic abilities that ail you.

Understanding psychic overload
Like a giant checkered flag that says, “Hey, pay attention, you’re psychic,” overload is a transition phase aimed at sparking awareness. It is not a permanent state, but the longer you avoid the writing on the wall, the stronger the overload will get until you finally give in and take notice.

There is another reason for your overload, too — and, no, it’s not to torture you. There is a download in process in which your psychic equipment is being tuned up and tuned in to the appropriate channels. Remember old dial radios? Remember how finding your station invited that irksome white noise followed by deafeningly loud audio before finally settling on just the right position? Your psychic development is akin to this process. With time, patience and resilience, you’ll find the right station.

Using this analogy, an inordinate number of stations exist, and yours is intended just for you. Your psychic overload looks different than everyone else’s because your abilities are as unique as your fingerprints. Your abilities are unique, your frame of reference is unique, your style of learning is unique, your interests are unique, and so your development will be unique, as well.

You might feel overcome with emotions of others. You might feel overwhelmed with the problems or situations of others. You might feel bombarded by Spirit communication or voices in your head. You might be seeing unusual symbols. You might feel tired or headachy or agitated or depressed. You might be experiencing all of these — and more.

Whatever the symptoms, the overarching theme with people experiencing psychic overload is that they just want to make it stop.

Overcoming psychic overload
Regardless of your individual experiences, the cure remains the same. If you want these psychic bombardments to cease, if you want to find peace, you’ve got to start using your abilities.

As much as you might like to go back to life as usual, the nudging will continue until you begin to embrace your abilities and use them in a manner consistent with your soul’s mission.

Here are a few practical ways to pacify your soul’s urge for psychic unfoldment:

  • Pay attention. Give up the head-in-the-sand technique. Rather than resorting to resistance, watch how your gift works, when it works and for whom. Understanding and acceptance will go a long way toward restoring the peace.
  • Practice anonymously. Find simple and anonymous ways to experiment with your abilities. Predict who will be the first person to walk into your office Monday morning. Try to guess what time your friend will call. And so on.
  • Research your abilities and interests. Read books, attend seminars, and seek advice from trusted sources. Knowledge, after all, is power.
  • Find a safe outlet for growth and practice. Work with a supportive friend or relative to experiment with your abilities. Better yet, seek out a development circle in your area.

The more comfortable you become with your ability and the more you become adept at using it, the more you will find it blending with your everyday life. You needn’t suffer from your abilities. You just need to use them.

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