The Other Side: My personal experience


I’m in a field of white light, aware that I have no body or solidity, but I feel more real than the dense physicality that exists on Earth. I’m alive, awake and alert, as though I am pure intelligence.

There is a council of twelve light beings who, like me, have no solid form. They are a decision-making group — elders, I guess — radiating a powerful force of love. The force embraces me, holding me in a mist of bliss.

This is a kind of tribunal situation, and I have been called before the leaders to receive a verdict. I am excited and have no fear or apprehension of what they might decide, because I trust these beings — I respect their wisdom. It’s different from what might be considered a parallel experience on Earth; here, there are no threats of deception or injustice. Everything is transparent, telepathic. There are no needless words to create entanglements or misunderstandings. There is no desire to manipulate or control.

I’ve been before this council before. To best explain what it’s like, a comparable earthly experience would be a job interview. You see, I’m trying to convince them that I’m worthy of incarnating on Earth at this significant time — to be an ambassador for love. They are posing questions to test me:

“How would you respond if this happened on Earth?…If you were in this situation what would you do?”

I’m giving my best replies but they seem unimpressed. There’s something missing and I don’t know what it is. What’s the key? I’m searching. I so want this opportunity to help. I so want it!

Wow! That did it! They feel my love. They turn up their light and I know something has shifted. Suddenly I have a chance. The passion within me is stirring and expanding. I’m instantly holding the Earth in my etheric “hands.” I raise my arms and hold her above my head. My passion and love are flowing and expressing themselves: “I will hold the Earth through her transformation.”

I lower the Earth to my heart. She snuggles close and breathes a long sigh: “Aaah!”

She recognizes me!

Simultaneously the council responds with one voice: “You may go.”

While preparing to bilocate, I turn back to the council and ask: “Any advice?”

Again they respond with love as one voice: “Surrender!”

Now I’m sitting on a beach in Australia. I have a body; the sun is warm on my face; the sand is cool beneath me; the sea is green-blue. Oh, this planet is beautiful!

My transition to Earth was successful and I have merged with an adult female entity who was expecting me. She is elated that I arrived safely and welcomes me here. Once again, I am enveloped in love energy.

I am here to hold the Earth through her transformation. I am an ambassador for love. If you meet me you may think I’m an earthling, but I am from the stars and have come to remind you that love is the new currency. Thank you for inviting me.

This is the message I bring from the Other Side — in essence: You are unlimited. Discard the programming that taught you about limitation. It was a game to help you learn about the power of love. You chose it and now you can forget it. You have the power to be, do, and have everything you desire. That’s what it’s like where I come from. We think a thought and it manifests instantaneously. So we think with love, with the heart, and we use the mind the way it’s intended to be used — as a creative tool. We create our world consciously — with our thoughts.

Now do you remember? Remind each other! And if you forget, I am here to jog your memory.

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Christine Bannigan
Christine Bannigan is an advocate for personal freedom, a catalyst for transformation, and a practitioner of NLP. She has written three books about her own search for freedom and is actively involved in helping others leap out of their comfort zones into the unknown. Christine has recently taker her first bungy jump and describes the experience as exhilarating. She is based in Australia and is a regular visitor to the U.S. Her spiritual adventure tours, private sessions, channelling, workshops and books support you to move beyond your conditioning in limitation to embrace your divine potential. Christine encourages you to "be yourself, not your programs."


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