Is your Home Energetically Enlightened?


Imagine living in a temple: a home where your body’s energy systems are nourished rather than depleted, a place where the walls establish a perimeter of true energetic protection, and everything you interact with results in a beneficial outcome. Does it sound like something completely out of reach? It’s not. BioGeometry® has the methods and tools that can open the door to your own enlightened home.

In this day and age, we believe our homes should be places of safety, convenience and ease. We assume the appliances that we prepare our food with, the lights that brighten the night, and the computers we use to connect with the world are safe for our use, as well as an integral part of the convenience and ease we have come to expect. We rarely think that these same conveniences could be interfering with our own personal energy fields and affecting our well-being. Nor do we ever want to think that anything can enter our homes once our doors and windows are locked. For most Americans, life is seemingly safe, secure, and comfortably convenient.

Residential BioGeometry® in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, by Alberghini Architect Inc., Toronto
Everything is energy
Science has proven that everything in the physical universe is made of energy. What we perceive to be solid matter (individual people, plants, furniture and building materials) are, in truth, just fields of energies. Once we accept this truth into our daily lives, we begin to understand how interconnected all of these energy fields are at every moment of the day. Everything we put in and on our bodies — and everything around our bodies — interacts with our own personal energy fields and, ultimately, affects our lives.

As we become a society of gluten intolerance, EMF sensitivities and auto-immune illnesses, we must start to look at what may be creating these types of changes. Surprisingly, many of us will find the answer right in our homes. Homes are where most of our private energy is stored and, for the most part, we believe that within our walls we are safe. There are, however, detrimental energetic fields that run through the earth and the seemingly solid walls of our home are no barriers for them.

Grid line invaders
These energetic invaders are grid patterns that are found everywhere on the surface of the Earth and within the Earth’s atmosphere, called Hartman, Curry and Benker lines, named for their discoverers. These grids, formed as a result of compression waves from the earth’s magnetic lines that encircle the earth, energetically interact with everything they encounter as they criss-cross over the surface of the planet. What you may have thought was thousands of miles away can be “carried,” or energetically picked up, and brought directly into our homes and bodies through these energetic grid lines. As modern society continues to pollute the Earth, it just makes sense that the Earth’s energy is being polluted as well. We are now finding that this polluted energy is making its way into our homes.

Electromagnetic bullies
In addition, the electromagnetic fields that emanate from our appliances, electrical panel, outlets and computers have an energetic frequency strength thousands of times greater than our body’s natural communication pathways. This means that when our body’s energetic field comes into contact with man-made electromagnetic fields, the body becomes overtaken by the strength of the EMFs. Imagine a huge energetic bully pulsing out of each outlet, switch and light fixture in your home, causing your own body to weaken under its pressure. It’s not a pleasant concept. Yet, in reality, the level of energetic force in comparison to our natural energy systems is not so far-fetched, and its disturbance level not so far from the truth.

Key to beneficial energy
The Earth is a place of both detrimental and beneficial energies. The key to happiness, prosperity, and peace is to bring in the highest degree of beneficial energy we can manage, while transmuting (or changing the form of) the detrimental energy that finds its way in.

BioGeometry offers us the opportunity to transmute the detrimental and bring in more of the beneficial by relieving the constant electromagnetic stress of modern conveniences that weaken our immune systems and cloud our minds through the constant disturbances it creates in our own natural electromagnetic fields. BioGeometry uses the design principles of shape to transmute detrimental energy through shape, color, motion and sound, connecting us to the greatest amount of beneficial energy we can take in.

Our home can then become our temple, a place of harmony, balance, and enlightenment.

Carrigan Curtis will present her next workshop, An Introduction to BioGeometry, from 2-4 p.m. Saturday, April 12, at Living Waters Cafe and Market, 12201 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka. The suggested donation is $20.



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