Healing with Nature


Whenever I need to find my serenity I try to find a park that suits my mood. Everything in nature has a different energy signature and feel. I try to find the right setting to help me heal. This is sometimes much easier in the spring through the fall season.

In the winter, though, I try to find a conservatory to visit or a florist whose energy I enjoy. It’s amazing how quickly the calming energy can engulf you. It starts to allow you to think of solutions that have been out of reach for days. Suddenly, everything becomes clearer and so much simpler. The problems that seemed so overwhelming suddenly are put into perspective just by being closer to nature.

The stress that’s been overwhelming me for days is now put at bay. The writing starts to flow more easily. Different ideas start to come to mind when before it was nothing but static. Even by just bringing in some branches and watching them start to bud brings in the warmth of nature.

In the fall, I’ve gathered up some acorns so that during the winter months, I’ll have the acorns to remind me of the nice big oaks that are near the river where I like to take my walks. When I’m outside, it allows me to be a kid again and drink in all the smells of each season. Spring has that fresh new smell, and in the autumn the smell of the wet leaves has its own unique signature.



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