Receiving Channeled Lessons in Nature


Natural surroundings provide us with opportunities to be closer to the Creator and creation. Sitting in places of beauty among trees, near water, prairies, deserts or on ocean shores, our souls can resonate with the vibrations of these specific places. At least weekly, throughout most of the year, I am guided to places in nature where I connect with Divine Spirits.

I enjoy the woods along the Platte River in Nebraska. There, in a small, natural amphitheater, fallen trees provide seating, animals make their homes, and I like to sit and invite Spirits to join me. Clearing and creating a peaceful vortex for communication to take place in this haven, those Spirits who choose to gather around the perimeter and sit among the trees to talk. The Archangels, Shamans and Saints, and my personal guides, let themselves become known to me in what has become my sacred place.

Here, I sit as an open receiver.

I ask for a vortex to surround us. Within it I am able to speak out loud without disturbance to or from other people. The Divine Messengers are unique in voice, tone and their general topics. Recording these channeled lessons in the natural setting may not have sound-stage quality, but they present a greater gift, the audible or energetic transmission of nature’s sounds. Bird songs, wind rustling through leaves and splashing water positively influence those who listen to the messages. Lessons about the butterflies, trees and other natural elements are given with love for our treasured planet.

I am cared for by Mother Earth, and I am energetically connected to the places where I have been meditating for years. Some unique natural messages have been given. Once, a swirling energy vortex spun around me while the trees just beyond sat in stillness. While receiving a lesson from Creator about the devastation taking place on our glorious planet, a soft misty rain fell only in the near vicinity. These tears of sadness emphasized the urgency of the message. Surprised when told to leave right away, I did, grateful because one hour later a violent hail storm occurred. I’m sure the Spirits laughed to see me run for the trail and car after a deer had come directly behind me and snorted in my ear after dark.

Being in nature on a regular basis allows me to feel the cycles of life in a real way. Walking a trail by the light of a full moon, asking mosquitoes to go elsewhere in sweltering heat, observing deer walk peacefully under fall colors, feeling the velvet firmness of a mound of moss, these are all privileges that Creator has given to each of us.

But not many in the modern world choose to connect with our natural and spiritual world simultaneously. Without motor noise, earplugs delivering music, devices delivering information, or wheels moving us, I encourage everyone to walk on Mother Earth, allowing yourselves to be drawn to a place. Sit with rocks, logs, leaves, the animal world, the sky, and ask to be spoken to. Ask Spirit to meet you there. Then listen to the wind, the birds, and water. See the various shades of color. Feel the plants, tree bark, soil, rocks.

May your breath become even and full. May you be renewed. Finally, may you realize the part you play in harmony with a message from our Creator.

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Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith, also known as Rev. Kev, received the name Absolute Journey while meditating in nature. His commission to assist others on their journeys, their spiritual paths, is done through personal consultations, workshops and recorded lessons and messages at Contact Rev. Kev at 402.310.4399 or [email protected].


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