Qi Breathing Seminar offers life-altering tools


The Qi Breathing Seminar, which encourages you to breathe your way to better health, will take place April 26-27 at Embassy Suites, 2800 American Blvd. W., Bloomington. The seminar is presented by Deanna Reiter and Troy Stende, founders of Qi Breathing. Admission is $99.

“The foundation of life is the breath,” Reiter says. “It is our connection to universal energy and wisdom, yet so many of us pay no attention to it at all. Breathe deeply, expand your Qi and the quality of everything you do.”

Participants will experience:

  • Qi Breathing: A 30-minute practice that leaves you energized and peaceful. It is based on an ancient-day practice with a modern-day twist.
  • Qi Infusion: A flow of Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong movements designed to expand your breathing, as well as release tension in your chest and shoulders.
  • The Power of Words: A physical experience of the impact of words.
  • Board Breaking: Break a board. Break a barrier. Change your life: A completely safe…and completely amazing experience — your opportunity to break through a barrier in your life.

Reiter and Stende say the benefits of Qi Breathing are life altering. They say it increases oxygen to your brain and heart and improves the functions of your internal organs, releases endorphins to make you happier and give you a natural high, and helps you to reduce stress, relax, concentrate, be creative and productive.

For more information, email [email protected] and visit www.QiBreathingRevolution.com to learn a 3-minute breathing technique.

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