Spirits and the Elements of Nature


Having lost two parents to death by the age of 10, I’m a big believer in not only making contact with deceased loved ones, but in staying in touch with them. Sometimes these friendly spirits come to us, unbidden. At other times, however, we’re faced with a perplexing silence and a lack of visitation activity. This is when we have to carefully recall the conditions that prevailed when we were visited by the particular deceased relative, friend or pet we seek.

During two decades of conducting afterlife communication sessions, I took note of the conditions my clients said were present during spirit visitations. Eventually, I realized that one of four elements of nature was almost always conspicuously present. These components are well-known to most of us: water, fire, wind, and earth.

Probably the most recognized of these elements, as far as medium work is concerned, is water. Reports abound of the living being visited by past loved ones while we’re bathing and showering. Water not only helps some spirits re-manifest themselves on our physical plane, but the prenatal warmth of a bath or shower causes a state of relaxation that helps us become more receptive to the signs of visitation and the messages of the dead. If you feel that engaging in such communications in the bath or shower is too much of an invasion of your privacy, however, you can certainly accommodate such water-attracted spirits by setting aside some quiet time to meditate on a desktop waterfall or even a bowl of water.

The element of fire can be just as effective at encouraging spirit visitations as water. Whether you’re sitting before a glowing hearth or a campfire, or focusing on the flaming candles in a church or temple, fire will help you bridge the gap between the physical world and the spirit realm. It does the same for our deceased loved ones, so be sure to light a candle in his or her memory when you wish to communicate. It’s a rare spirit who doesn’t respond, in one way or another, to this powerful element.

Then came my clients’ reports that they were often visited in their cars, SUVs and even city buses. It was not occurring as much when they were parked, or stopped at a red light, as it was when the vehicle was racing forward through the wind. Roll down a car window a fraction of an inch as you’re speeding along and your interaction with the wind will become screechingly apparent. This strong push through the air seems to produce an energy that makes visitation much easier for those in spirit form. Driving is often one of the few solitary times in most people’s workdays, so this also makes it ideal for spirit visitations.

Lastly, I’ve heard many claims from my clients that they are visited while gardening. Not only is the element of soil at play, but the dead are quite gifted at influencing the behavior of such garden dwellers as rabbits and butterflies. These creatures may act out of character, overcoming their natural timidity to interact with the living in unusual ways and at significant moments. It is at such times that our dead loved ones are saying, “I’m with you right now.” Or “I agree with what you were just thinking.”

Because the component of earth can also be present in clay and ceramics, doing creative work with these substances is highly recommended to induce interactions with spirits. We’re using our receptive right brains when we’re making clay art objects or ceramic wares, and this creativity, coupled with the element of earth, can definitely open our portals to those in spirit form.

No matter what the weather, be it rain or the warm glow of the fiery sun, you’re sure to begin discovering that there’s a lot more to nature than meets the eye!

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Janice Carlson
Janice Carlson is the author of Soul Sensing: How to Communicate With Your Dead Loved Ones. She has been doing professional psychic and medium sessions for two decades with a money-back guarantee of contact.


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