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With eyes closed, arms outstretched, palms of my hands facing upward, I became more aware of my place within the continuous flow of Universal energy, the connection to a vast Spiritual continuum. Keeping my eyes closed, I fully embraced life through the sounds of nature, the warmth of the sun, the wondrous fresh scent of juniper trees, and the soft red sands crumbling under my bare feet as I slipped my shoes off to feel more connected to our Mother Earth.

Some might view me as a spiritual traveler, having spent years seeking opportunity that fills my soul with magic of God-given gifts and graces. These discoveries have given me my place in this world. My spiritual space is shared with many, yet unique for all who travel there. My husband and I found our space in Sedona, Arizona.

Holding a burning desire to embrace the vortex energy found in Sedona, we chose to celebrate our wedding anniversary there a few years ago, and we hired a local to guide us to off the beaten path locations. A vortex is a place in nature where there is a concentration of energy that flows naturally through the earth. My personal experience within the vortex energy can only be described as an exotic dance with the Universe and my Inner Spirit.

Our journey began with a clear blue sky and slight crispness in the air. Driving to meet our vortex guide at her house, I noticed a coyote leisurely moving through lush greenery along the corner of a residential roadway. Animal Power Cards mention the coyote as a trickster, but in this case I felt the lesson to be gained was more in tune with “Teaching me more about myself and to help me learn from my own mistakes.” I was more than ready to learn more about myself.

We met with our guide early in the morning, prepared to allow the experience to be whatever it would be. She brought us to an access location hidden from the tourist’s view. There were no crowds, just the three of us trekking along the red dirt pathway, surrounded by silence and tranquility. Meeting up with no one else as we walked along, we came to a place where Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte commanded our attention. While I cannot speak for my husband, for me the view alone was enough to take my breath away.

As learned from the Native American tradition, I brought myself through a spiritual connecting and grounding method, opening myself to the energy of the vortex, accepting that all was well and right for this experience. I set my intention to allow the energies to flow however was best for me, at that moment in time.

With eyes closed and arms outstretched, palms of my hands facing upward, I became aware. Aware of sounds, smells and feelings. I felt the winds of my life energies surrounding me and I heard the sounds, becoming louder in each breath, of what reminded me of swarms of locusts rubbing legs to wings to create their music. I felt as if I were spinning in the wind, arms raised high, palms pulling in the energy of a life lived long ago, but not forgotten at the cellular level of my soul.

I returned from my vortex experience a changed person; I felt whole, my heart alive. Astonished, I asked our guide how the winds had calmed and the locust’s song had silenced so quickly. My husband looked at me and said he hadn’t noticed the wind or the sounds. With a twinkle in her eyes, our guide softly said, “Embrace and learn from the experience, because it was real for each of you.” 

I learned to be present in moments, to feel a connectedness and oneness with all life offers, and I discovered that my spiritual moments are those spent surrounded by the natural beauty and wonder of our nurturing Mother Earth. When life gets a little too chaotic, I sit back, close my eyes and remember the magical and real, exotic Spiritual experience gifted to me in Sedona, and my soul shines.

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Sue Mitchell Shapiro
Sue C. Shapiro, MBWP, CLC, CHt, is a life coach, hypnotherapist, writer, inspirational speaker, ordained minister, educator, and above all else, a Life Dreamer. Although her coaching style can assist anyone who feels drawn to work with her, she has noticed a much larger divine feminine following reaching out for her services. She is focused on empowering women so they know their needs matter, that they are just as important as others, and she’s busy creating interactive workshops specifically aligned to rebuilding a sense of self-compassion and self-love. She offers distance life coaching and hypnotherapy sessions, via telephone or Skype, to clients throughout the United States. She is continuing her educational pursuits to become a Transpersonal Counselor. Visit www.spiritknowslifecoaching.com or www.findingyourdivinespark.com.


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