Step Outside and then Step into Yourself

There is nothing more revealing, raw and sacred than the natural truth found in nature. To me, this is Spirit, God, The All.

We can all use a large dose of what Nature holds for us.

There are no secrets when you choose to engage with the natural surroundings. To appreciate life, it only takes a moment in the beauty. Treasure the simple complexities of our landscape with the life that occupies it.

The most amazing thing is how it all reflects All That Is. It is said that imitation is the highest form of a compliment. Well, emulation is found all around us. (Which can make me feel very small.) And in this space of smallness (vulnerability) is a beautiful truth — no matter how you look, what you do, how you live. We, you and I are that reflection (“We are One”).

The repetition is uncanny, with the mind-blowing geometry and rhythm. The connection and the song are undeniable. There is music in the silence, and rage in the sea.

From the tiniest microorganism to the oldest tree, from the depths of the ocean up to the stars in the sky, the wonderment just takes your breath away. And as it does, you get to replenish that breath with clarity. The music sings the melody of the creator; it is the pulse of the entire Universe as it dances, so drink it in.

Being in and with nature is the quickest way to reconnect when feeling the disconnect (loss of faith) and the chaos of urban noise has you agitated. The rhythmic sounds are everywhere and they can quietly calm even the most restless and angry Soul.

When the Buddha said, “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth,” he meant these things are always present (as is our total connection). Nothing more comforting than knowing that the sun and the moon will always rise no matter where I am or how many clouds are over me.

The truth of purpose is found in our own nature, and it is brought out even more when we accept the synchronicity of it all. Nature has a way of bringing it to light, to the heart as directed by Spirit.

Reconnect. Listen to the melody….



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