Within the Heart of Nature


Mother Nature in all her power and beauty sustains and supports us throughout our lifetime. She gives us the air we breathe, the food we eat, our animal companions and so much more. She is constantly, perpetually moving herself into balance with the rest of the cosmos.

It amazes me that the speed of the Earth’s orbit around the sun is approximately 67,000 miles per hour. Our solar system, the sun at the center, moves through our galaxy at a rate of 500,000 miles per hour. That is very fast, and yet, Mother Earth is here, sometimes appearing still, but forever maintaining well-being and balance the best way she knows how, despite all she’s been through.

As a child my experience with nature was pure and playful as I explored our fruit orchard on a daily basis. I was constantly curious and in awe of the plums, pomegranates, persimmons and peaches that grew from the trees. I remember thinking how nice it was of them to give so much of themselves to make people happy. I thought about how it just might be possible that animals, vegetables, fruit trees and nut trees spend their whole lives in service to humanity.

Nature became the inspiration for me to be in service to others.

As stewards of the Earth, I believe it is our responsibility to consciously cultivate a relationship with Her. One of the ways I make a connection with Mother Earth is to ask a question while I’m out in nature. I know she’ll always give me an answer — and it usually comes in an unexpected way. Just the other day I was working in a Macadamia nut orchard and I asked the trees to give me a sign that they were happy. Literally, within seconds, three green nut pods dropped from the tree right before me. My heart opened and my spirit was uplifted into greater happiness. I knew, of course, the answer was yes.

A day doesn’t go by when my feet don’t touch the Earth. I feel blessed at this time in my life to live in the country and have many options as to where I’d like to explore and play. Nevertheless, it really doesn’t matter where we live; we can always find a little piece of Earth to nurture us.

Our very bodies are made from our Mother Earth, so it only makes sense to say we are already a part of nature. Our spiritual path and our connection to nature are inseparable, for we are nature herself. She feels our love, our joys and our pain while fully accepting us as we are. She loves us unconditionally and wants us to love ourselves in the same way. Gaia teaches us to play, and when we play and make that connection with her, our spiritual journey becomes rich and abundant, and we begin to remember our ancient heritage once again.

My wish is for all of us to find our own unique connection to the Earth Mother, to discover her beauty as a reflection of ourselves, and to allow ourselves to play within the heart of nature.

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Tyler Deal
Tyler Deal is writer, actor and quantum energy worker.  He is currently creating projects to help humanity live happier, more fulfilling lives. Tyler presently lives in Hawaii and can be found at www.radicalheartworks.com. Contact Tyler at [email protected].


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