Art is the Medicine of the heART


"Interdimensional Kiss"  © J. Myztico Campo
“Interdimensional Kiss” © J. Myztico Campo
What kind of world would this be without Art?
Is this the energy that truly sets animals and humans apart?
As I ponder my existence and look up at the stars,
I can’t help but wonder what this is all about?
In the act of creation I am immersed in the healing vortex
Of an interdimensional transmission from the source codex
Energizing, Revitalizing, Informing every cell of my body temple
I surrender to this moment and its exquisite force is transcendental.”

In a fast-paced society that is distracted by consumption, information overload, excessive self-absorption and media manipulations all within the raging seas of samsara — the repeated cycles of birth, misery and death. Art appears to function as a great sanctuary of both beauty and truth that informs and nurtures our species, bridging all cultures with its presence to communicate and reflect the times that we live in.

From the earliest expressions of cave paintings dating back 35,000 years to the present state of sci-fi holography, digital art and projection mapping, art is what defines the human spirit. There has never been any Earth culture that has lacked art or creativity as part of its identity. It is a healer and uniter of the people as it provides a means to connect with spirit, no matter how disconnected one may feel from the Source. Creative expression is a way to stimulate parts of the brain that lie dormant, as well as a guide to moving the body to the pulse of music that helps heal certain muscles and organs from tension or layers of psychic build-up.

Visionary Art transcends the physical world and portrays a wider vision of awareness, including spiritual or mystical themes, based on such universal experiences that move beyond cultural boundaries.

"Unfolding Dreams Mysteries and Truth" © J. Myztico Campo
“Unfolding Dreams Mysteries and Truth” © J. Myztico Campo
Take one deeper
Many of us are aware that there is a lot more here than meets the eye. A strong yearning to tap into the unknown has been taking place for thousands of years. Art is one vehicle that can take us deeper into these areas of exploration. There are certain magical properties that exist between the lines that form images and the colors used to bind them together as a whole. This “wholeness” can be thought of as a temple of creativity that serves as a healing fountain based on intuitive surrender. The path of surrender to the flow is essential in keeping it pure, just like a child drawing there are no rules. As adults, some guidelines are laid down, but ultimately Art is what one can get away with. The path of will guides us to be proactive in the creative process as it will not happen just on its own.

Art is the path that can lead one to such transformations in moments of self-doubt or physical illness by taking part in the creative process, allowing oneself to become a medium from which pure self-expression flows. It can be something as simple as a line drawing to very intricate patterns that become very telling of one’s state of mind. By letting go of the “analytical left brain,” the “right brain” is free to explore many layers of consciousness.

For example, these layers can reveal past traumas or elements of anger or frustration that may still reside deep within the psyche. These elements form obstacles, and if left unchecked they can manifest into illness, mental blocks or — in worst-case scenarios — deep depressions. Participating in the creative process and expressing the multi-dimensional aspects of who you truly are will lead one towards an incredible journey of self discovery.

One can also be an observer of sacred art that resonates with the heART, if you are willing to surrender to love unconditionally. Although this is a passive path, it may take longer to reach a sense of inner peace, as opposed to someone that takes an active creator role.

Spark of creativity
We all have this spark of creativity within us in some form or another. By connecting to this inner spark in a pure, nonjudgmental manner and applying a daily practice in honor of this gift, we are then able to transcend any fears, doubts, anger and obstacles that deny us our fullest potential.

In my personal practice, I always allow for a few moments of silence, take deep breaths to acknowledge the source that flows through my body vessel. I dedicate the flow of these transmissions — whether it is art, music, writing or dance — to the divine source of infinite love. The act of creativity, for me, becomes a prayer for all sentient beings. It heals and soothes any tension or discomfort I may have experienced throughout any given day while projecting compassion towards all life on Gaia.

Through this prayer, an altered state of perception arises, revealing certain lines that come together to form images that emerge as a whole picture. Just like a musician or a dancer who improvises his or her craft, your art will reveal astonishing results that will lead you to ask, “Did I just actually play or paint that?” This has been referred to “being in the zone,” a state of effortless super-conscious confidence that places one in direct contact with their inner spark that connects with the source. This is a state of heightened or altered awareness. In many ways, this energy has a healing property; many are able to practice it by being proactive in its unfolding.

When I enter the realm of painting, for example, I approach it in a shamanic manner. I enter an unknown world in a trance state to observe from a third-eye perspective. I retrieve visions that are unseen to the naked eye, and then I manifest them onto a five-sense canvas to be shared with others. I cannot begin to tell you how many times people from around the world have approached or written me to say that I captured images that they believed had only appeared to them in their mind’s eye. To me, this is extraordinary, and in some ways it reinforces the shamanic traveling that takes place in the spirit world as I embark on new paintings.

"Dissolving Boundaries" © J. Myztico Campo
“Dissolving Boundaries” © J. Myztico Campo
A cathartic healing
In 2008, when my younger brother William passed away at the young age of 45, I went through a deep state of mourning his transition. In the months that ensued, I found myself going through a cathartic healing process via painting, writing music and editing a documentary about his life called “Life by the Drop.” One of the art pieces that truly helped me get to a better state was “Peyote Healing.” The trickster side of my brother visited me, allowing me to celebrate his life and to let go of the heartache I was experiencing.

Art and music affect every cell in the body to instantly create a healing physiology that changes the immune system and blood flow to all the organs. Art and music also immediately change perceptions of your world. They change attitude, emotional state and pain perception. It is now known by neurophysiologists that art, prayer and healing processes are associated with similar brain wave patterns. It takes us into our inner world, the world of imagery and emotion, of visions and feelings.

When the light of consciousness looks into the processes of our inner space with love, a healing comes to us from within and our own resources are freed and our immune system is allowed to operate optimally. That is always how we heal. Being in the zone as we create a masterpiece out of our lives is a crucial part of this process.

Resonance of the energy
The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of Messages from Water, demonstrates that water can take on the “resonance” of the energy that is directed at it — and polluted water can be restored through prayer and positive visualization.

When one considers that the average adult human body is made up of up to 65 percent water, we can begin to make the connection to how our thoughts, words, art and music affect the health of our body temple. How often do you find yourself in a depressed state of mind or in poor health? Yet, when you listen to a piece of music or view an inspired piece of art, your spirit is immediately lifted to a higher vibrational state of being. An explanation for this can be as simple as how creative manifestations are capable of emitting a healing frequency that is beyond our comprehension.

There is an unseen power happening here.

"Peyote Healing" © J. Myztico Campo
“Peyote Healing” © J. Myztico Campo
Creativity and survival
Our species was designed to be creative in its many forms. Although the animal kingdom can also demonstrate a wide variety of creativity as a means of survival, the human species simply is much further ahead of the game. It is inherent in the words eARTh, our nurturing mother, as well as heART from where the passion and drive to create comes from.

To live life fully, one must first acknowledge the creative spark within. Honor this divinity, and then act upon it, in your own unique way.

When there are days of sadness or self-doubt, pick up a pen or your instrument of choice to write about it. It can take the form of a poem, prose or stream of consciousness — it doesn’t matter — just write without becoming analytical. Then read it aloud to see how it makes you feel.

When there are days of poor health and you need some bed time to recover, do a bit of drawing of any subject matter. Ideally, you may want to draw an image of something or someone that makes you happy. It can be a family member, lover, pet or God. Whatever it is, just draw it. You don’t need to be a studied artist to do this. Put together lines that will form a picture of what you are seeing in your mind’s eye without any borders. Or create a personal symbol or mandala.

Meditate on what you have transmitted for several minutes. What does this art have to say about you that you may not be fully conscious of? Are you holding on to the past? Are you stuck in a rut? Is your self-esteem in question? Are you too hard on yourself? Once you understand some of the answers, take a moment to step into your silence, take several deep breaths to fill your lungs and get into your heART space by being compassionate towards yourself.

Then, on a fresh piece of paper, re-draw how your perfect self would see this same energy being guided by love. Compare each drawing side-by-side to understand the bigger picture. If you are honest with yourself, the difference will shed a lot of light on some of the layers that are creating self-imposed obstacles within.

Letting go
The idea of dancing as if no one is watching you is very much connected to the idea of letting go and letting God. We are each extremely unique with our own song of the soul to express. By holding onto any emotional state that no longer serves us is a waste of energy that can be re-directed to bring about the absolute best in us.

Creativity as a spiritual and physical tool, when used with proper intention, can achieve remarkable results. But, this must be a proactive “Path of Will” in order to achieve the best results. Instead of spending hours in front of the TV or playing video games, be disciplined in expressing your inner art in whatever form that may manifest.

Set intention by considering your action as a prayer and dedication to the Great Spirit. This act of intent is your sacred promise to yourself. Remember this: You are infinite awareness experiencing a human condition. You are boundless, bountiful and a beautiful expression of the ever-changing creativity of the Universe. For this I have gratitude…namasté.


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