From the Editor: How do you define You?


KaNesha Belton and Ellie Peterson at the Conscious Living Expo
They were quirky and, to be honest, totally unexpected, the two women at last month’s Conscious Living Expo. They came with labels attached above their heads: KaNesha Belton’s was “I am happy,” and Ellie Peterson’s was “I am loved.”

Representing Power of Positive Workouts at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community event, they offer people the opportunity to do workouts to improve their fitness while affirming who they are to themselves in the process. As Ellie Peterson, inspirer, says, “The signs are a way to remind us of who we truly are in a fun way. Meditative Movement™ allows people to affirm themselves as they move, repeating mantras like ‘I am happy’ and ‘I am loved’ so they exude these states of being as often as possible.”

Every time I saw either KaNesha or Ellie walk by The Edge’s booth at the expo, I pondered what the world would be like if everyone had an affirmation attached to their being, obvious to everyone they would meet. As our society currently exists, most people probably would opt out and not participate, but if forced to, I suspect some would fashion offensive statements for themselves to stand out or to just rankle the status quo. Others would sell their affirmation to the highest bidder and promote a website address or toll-free number.

If people took advantage of the self-label to become offensive, what would that say about how they felt about themselves? And if someone sold their affirmative label, what would that say about how they felt about themselves?

So I ask, What affirmation would you choose for yourself?

Mine — at this moment — would be: “I am celebrating my total essence of Self.” It relates to what I’m pondering now related to who I am.

Ricki Lee Schuster, a regular Edge contributor, tells me that each of us is an individual self, which is a representation of a greater all-inclusive Self that “knows it is All That Is.”

“Everything is about Self,” he says, “yet, individual selves do not know the intimate connection to the all-expansive and all-inclusive Self in all the ways possible.

“In this evolutionary shift of consciousness now taking place, the individual self will continue to awaken when, individually, each one honors and values every other one. Then, a stronger connection to the One is possible.”

During my interview with Dr. Julia Assante, she spoke with me about the Oversoul (that all-inclusive Self), reincarnation and life on Earth. She said souls incarnate here because this dense, three-dimensional experience is so rare in the universe that it is a gift to be treasured.

She gave me a new-found appreciation of the things we touch and smell and do in our everyday lives. Her perspective strengthened my joie de vivre, my delight in being alive. Even the least of what I do — sitting and watching birds in the trees — is now a phenomenal experience.

Let’s all appreciate who and what we are.

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