A Rainy Sunday Afternoon and the Power of Synchronicity

shapiro-wideA rainy three-day holiday weekend in February, one very unusual church service, two young dogs, a country field, mud puddles, one business card, a phone call, and a tow truck. These are seemingly unrelated items, but together they created a perfect storm of events using the Power of Synchronicity at a level I have never seen before or since.

Rio Linda, California: I offered to take care of three dogs for my friend Sharon so she and her husband could finally get away over a long weekend. The deal was that after I took care of them Sunday mid-day, I wouldn’t have to return because Sharon and her husband would be home by early Monday.

“Just leave the key on the table and turn the lock on your way out,” Sharon had instructed.

Before heading over to her place on Sunday, I attended my usual church service. That day the minister spoke about synchronicity and angels and how sometimes angels could even show up as animals with a keen sense for spotting a good person when they meet one. Point taken as I left the service to drive over to Sharon’s place.

The rains had not let up much. It was cold and damp, and all I wanted to do was get the dogs fed and get home to warm my chilled body. After making sure they had clean water and fresh food, and interacting a bit with them, I decided to head out. Preparing to close the gate at the end of the driveway as I drove out, the two younger dogs darted past me, down the road, and into a muddy field. They refused to come back when called. I didn’t know what to do other than close the gate to be sure the older dog wasn’t planning an escape, as well.

Rummaging through my purse I found a business card that held every possible contact number for my friend, Randy. Using my cell phone, I called his home number and even though he was planning to drive to Reno for the afternoon, he changed his plans to help me. Realizing the dogs were not going anywhere, he suggested I drive to my apartment where he would pick me up and we’d head back to Sharon’s place in one vehicle.

Arriving back by Sharon’s place, he parked his SUV alongside the road near the field where the dogs were. Barely stepping out of his vehicle, the dogs came barreling out of the muddy field to stand by his feet. Randy picked one dog up, carrying him under his arm as the other dog followed closely behind. My minister’s words echoed in my mind about how animals know when someone is a good person and about this concept of “synchronicity,” which was new for me.

Randy and I had been friends for a while, watching each other go through some horrible relationships but never moving into our own dating relationship. It was all on me. I was scared because he really was a super nice guy, which was so different than other men who had been part of my life. But realizing how those dogs ran to him without hesitation, I knew something was happening that was greater than me.

The dogs now safely back in their yard, Randy and I walked back to his car, only to discover the vehicle was stuck in the mud! Seriously? We were in Rio Linda, which was pretty much like being in the middle of nowhere, and the SUV was stuck in the mud alongside the road. And it started raining again! My next thought was, “What else could possibly take place?” At that very moment, I saw it. Coming up a long, muddy country driveway was…a tow truck? I asked Randy if he could see it, because, at that moment, I wasn’t sure any of this was real. It was very real. The two men in the truck helped pull Randy’s SUV from the mud and refused any money. Could angels also be disguised as tow truck drivers?

Seemingly unrelated items? Angels in disguise? The power of synchronicity brought Randy and me together. We’ve been married nearly 14 wonderful years now, thanks to angels and perfect synchronicity.

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Sue C. Shapiro, MBWP, CLC, CHt, is a life coach, hypnotherapist, writer, inspirational speaker, ordained minister, educator, and above all else, a Life Dreamer. Although her coaching style can assist anyone who feels drawn to work with her, she has noticed a much larger divine feminine following reaching out for her services. She is focused on empowering women so they know their needs matter, that they are just as important as others, and she’s busy creating interactive workshops specifically aligned to rebuilding a sense of self-compassion and self-love. She offers distance life coaching and hypnotherapy sessions, via telephone or Skype, to clients throughout the United States. She is continuing her educational pursuits to become a Transpersonal Counselor. Visit www.spiritknowslifecoaching.com or www.findingyourdivinespark.com.



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