Angels & Our Divine Purpose: An Interview With Angelologist Chantel Lysette

“The angels will tell us what we need to hear, not what we want to hear, and sometimes their messages may not always be comforting — truth rarely is. But truth is what liberates us from the illusions we create in our lives. Truth brings us closer to our Creator and the understanding of our purpose here in this existence.” — Chantel Lysette

Known internationally as a professional “angelologist” and author of three books detailing her relationship with the archangels, Rev. Chantel Lysette, Ph.D., will visit the Twin Cities for the first time in June, brimming with excitement and eager to share her enthusiasm about the angels with Minnesotans.

Let’s be clear: Rev. Lysette is not just connected intuitively with the archangels. She is a self-proclaimed “angel geek” who, at the drop of a hat, can speak about angels all afternoon, into the evening and probably into the next day if given a chance. Her commitment to the angels follows humbling experiences that eventually freed her up to write books and help others establish and maintain “a life-enhancing relationship with God.”

Her books — Azrael Loves Chocolate: Michael’s a Jock — An Insider’s Guide to What Angels Are Really Like, The Angel Code: Your Interactive Guide to Angel Communication, and the newest release, Angelic Pathways: An Angel Medium’s Guide to Navigating Our Human Experience — do not read like spiritual texts. Rev. Lysette presents the archangels not as winged divinity, but as wise beings with distinct personalities, images and missions — and a sense of humor, to boot.

She’s so connected with the archangels that she speaks to them like she would a brother. “Hey Mike!” she calls when wanting to speak with Archangel Michael. She is on a first-name basis with Ariel, Azrael, Cassiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Haniel, Iophiel, Metatron, Michael, Raguel, Ramiel, Raphael, Sandalphon, Uriel and Zadkiel. She calls Jesus “JC.”

Chantel Lysette will headline a five-hour symposium on angels from 2-7 p.m. Saturday, June 7 in a special presentation of Ancient Mysteries, Ancient Mysteries by the Minneapolis branch of the Theosophical Society at Spirit United Church, 3204 Como Ave. SE, Minneapolis. Also presenting are Dr. James Ulness, professor emeritus in psychology from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., and celtic harpist Bettie Seitzer, who will perform angelic music live at the event. Admission at the door is $35 for adults, $45 for couples or families and $30 for students, seniors or Theosophical Society members. For more information on the Angel Symposium, contact Von Braschler at or 651.235.6645.

On Sunday, June 8, Chantel will present an Angel Gallery event from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center in Rochester ($20,, and she will present a free lecture and booksigning from 6-8 p.m. at Eye of Horus (

My interview with Rev. Lysette, who spoke with me from her home near Detroit, is arranged by the many topics she shared during our marathon talk.

On her first message direct from the Divine:
“I received a message in 1993. I was born again, Pentecostal, and I was in church when it happened. People were dancing, singing, banging on tambourines, the music was high and, as they say in the Pentecostal Church, the Holy Spirit was flowing.

“And over all of that music, everything started to go in slow motion. It scared me, because I looked at everything and almost thought I was under water. All of the noise sounded muted — and then I heard a voice out of nowhere say, ‘Chantel, you will teach and you will heal. That is what you will do.’ And I knew who was talking. My head shot straight up. My eyes looked up to the ceiling and I felt the Holy Spirit move through me and I started sobbing.

“Some people may have been glad to hear something like that. It scared the bejeezus out of me and I ran. I left the church. I didn’t want any part of it, because I said I wasn’t worthy. I said, ‘Lord, find someone else. I will screw this up in so many ways, you’ll lose count.’ I said, ‘I can’t do it.’ And so, I ran and I ignored Him for a really long time, and He snuck some angels into my midst.”

On the introduction of Jake, her spirit guide, in 1994:
“I thought Jake was a devil or a demon, because that’s the way I was raised. I thought Jake was sent to pull me further away from God, where I was already struggling. Jake, who had been a person, stayed in dreamland for two years, and then he finally made contact with me in this realm in 1996. After that, he introduced me to Archangel Cassiel, and even though I recognized Cassiel as an archangel, I still wasn’t buying the whole angel bit. It wasn’t until Gabriel came into my life after my mother passed away that I was walking into something completely foreign. Archangel Gabriel first appeared to me as Gabrielle, in female form, but I was mentally in no mood for a female authority figure. I didn’t want a mother figure. I had already lost three mothers in the course of just a few years — all to cancer. So, Gabrielle left me that afternoon. Later that night he came back as Gabriel, in male form, and that is when it all started.

“Gabriel came to me and told me, ‘You are to teach and to heal.’

“I said, ‘Wow, it’s been 10 years since I heard those words.’

“‘Yeah, you’ve been running. Did you think you could actually get away from us? You’ve run long enough.'”

On Archangel Gabriel’s request to her:
“I butted heads with Gabriel for a long, long time, and he finally came to me and he told me to leave my job. I said, ‘You wait until I have no financial net, no cushion, and now you want me to leave my job when now I have a mortgage, I have a car, I’ve got school loans to pay back.’ And they said, ‘Yes.’

“I was dumb enough to listen — and then I panicked, because I came across one of the greatest revelations of my life: When you don’t have a job, you don’t have any money. My savings were depleting quicker than I anticipated, and I started looking for a job, but the whole time Gabriel kept telling me: ‘The next job you have does not require a resume.’ And those words will stay with me when I go to the grave. He repeated those over and over and over again.

“He said, ‘Chantel, the next job you get does not require a resume. Stop looking. Stop sending out resumes. Stop applying for jobs.’

“I said, ‘Gabe, I have to. I need a steady income.’

“‘But, you’re going to be teaching and healing.’

“‘You know what, Gabe?’ And that’s when I got angry. We had an argument on a Wednesday night, and I said, ‘I need a steady paycheck and what you’re telling me does not give a steady paycheck. I can’t make money on what you want me to do. So, I tell you what, why don’t you stuff it and take God’s equation and His plan and go find someone else with less to lose and more time on their hands?’

“And then Gabriel disappeared.”

On how the angels created time for her to write:
“I didn’t see Gabriel for the rest of the week, and I kept doing what I was doing. On Sunday I went to church, I went to lunch with some friends, and I went to go see another set of friends later that night. When I got home, about 10:00, I went upstairs and I tried to take off my boots, but I couldn’t figure out how to get my boots off. They didn’t have laces or anything, you just kick them off, but I was standing holding onto the bannisters trying to figure out how those boots were to come off my feet, and I was stumbling. I said, ‘Okay, why don’t I know how to do this?’ The next thing I knew I became violently ill and everything went black.

“When I woke up a few days later, that following Wednesday, I was in the hospital. It was 3:00 in the morning and Gabriel was standing at my bedside. I looked up at him and I said, ‘What happened?’

“He said, ‘I did what I had to do — now that we have your undivided attention….’

“‘What do you mean, you’ve got my undivided attention?’

“Gabriel said, ‘You’ll find out.’

“That morning, the doctors came in and they said I had had a stroke. And I became that person that I told Gabriel to go find because I lost everything. I lost my home. I lost my car. I lost all of my savings. I wound up homeless. …I became that person with nothing to lose and plenty of time on my hands. I was stuck in a bedroom for seven years with only my computer. I didn’t get out very much. I got out enough to go see a doctor when I could, but I was upstairs in a bedroom. I couldn’t do stairs very well, so I had no access to a kitchen, no access to laundry.

“For seven years and it was just me and the angels, and it was a very angry me at that point, because before what I call Gabriel’s stunt, I had everything. I had just turned 31 and I had what people usually don’t get until they are 45 or 50, I had the corporate job that had a lot of promise and paid well. I had a beautiful 2,400-square-foot house. I had a gorgeous car and friends. I was active, and I was rarely home. I took vacations — the last one was 10 days to Florida. I went to Disney World and then flew out of Orlando to London to go visit a friend in England and then flew back to Detroit.

“And then, all of a sudden, boom. An entire decade of my life taken away. Stuck in a room. Even when I got out of that room into my own place, nothing changed because at that point I had become a reclusive person. So I became the person with nothing to lose and plenty of time on my hands. So, that’s how it came to be.”

On how she lost her anger:
“I prayed for years after the stroke. I prayed hard, and my prayer was always, ‘God, please take this anger away from me,’ because I would sit and just simmer in anger all day. When I was awake, I was angry, and I never could understand why that anger never went away.

“I woke up on May 31, 2013 — after writing three angel books about compassion and trust, love, hope, facing God. I had written all three books with all of that anger brewing deep inside.

“Early that morning, I sat up in bed and Michael was sitting at the foot of my bed and we just locked eyes and I started crying my eyes out, and I said, ‘God can’t take it from me, can He?’

“Michael said, ‘No. You know what you have to do.’

“As the sun started to rise, I let it go. And that’s when I realized that when we have issues like that, God can’t take them from us. We have to let it go. And now that date will stay with me forever. I just woke up that morning and I said, ‘I let go of my anger.’ It was keeping me so sick, physically and emotionally. It was keeping me from connecting with people because I was dealing with not just abandonment, but with betrayal issues. I trusted the angels just fine; it was people I had a problem with. I also knew that by writing these books, I would need to connect with people and I have got to let go of the issues of trust. You can’t be compassionate and be distrusting. You can’t truly love someone, yet sleep with one eye open. So, I had to let it go. I was not able to do that until last year.”

On what angels actually are:
“History tells us that the word ‘angel’ literally means messenger, but from a spiritual perspective I have come to understand the angels as different facets of God. The Creator is a multifaceted diamond, and these angels are just representative of different parts of Him. The Creator is so massive that even when we are no longer in flesh, when our human minds are at the Spirit level, we cannot comprehend just how grand and complex the Creator really is. So we get facets of Him that help us along on our spiritual journey and help us fulfill our Divine purpose.”

Chantel says angel energy is like a neuron with tendrils and the ability to duplicate itself at will. (Photo: Biological Science Picture Library)
On how angels really look:
“Angels have two forms: their natural form and their human form. For the longest time, they only had their natural form. They appear as orbs of light. They are pure energy, just like we are pure energy, and they operate at a very high vibration.

“In my books, and especially in The Angel Code, I talk about energy signatures. …Each angel has an energy signature that you can literally feel. Even if you can’t see Michael, when you feel his energy you know it’s him. You can tell his energy from Uriel’s energy, Uriel from Gabriel, Gabriel from Raphael and so on.

“In my first book, I said they looked a little like jellyfish, because I couldn’t figure out any other way to describe them because they are orbs of light that are pulsing and kind of changing shape a little bit. They are very fluid, like mercury, and they have these beautiful tendrils that are spiking out and wisping. It’s not really a jellyfish, but I guess it was the only thing I could think of at the time. Then one day I saw a very beautiful image of a neuron, and I said, ‘Oh, my God! That’s it! That’s the image right there!’

“As far as size, I would say look at the Sun and you’ve got the average size of an angel — and that is only as big as they allow me to see. Now, I’m sure they’re much bigger than that. I don’t think that they really can be measured, just as the Creator cannot be measured.

“Archangel Metatron — the Scribe of Heaven, who keeps the Akashic Records, which detail every life and every deed ever done by every single being in this universe — is the tallest angel in Heaven. I asked Archangel Michael and said, ‘Mike, how tall is Metatron? Give it to me in feet, yards, whatever, man, help me out.’ I was writing The Angel Code at the time, and he said, ‘Metatron needs to be measured in light years.’ Metatron is associated with the term ‘little Yahweh’ or ‘little God.'”

Chantel says Archangel Cassiel is said to resemble Brandon Lee in the film, The Crow. He doesn’t do white. (Photo:
On shadow angels:
“There are angels that are called shadow angels and they are dark, but they are not evil. They are made of the same light and the same energy. The only reason I call them shadow angels and I call them dark is because of their demeanor. Shadow angels are archangels who hang out in the background. …They help out by weaving in and out of the shadows or weaving in and out of nighttime or dreamscape. They include Archangel Cassiel, Raziel, and an angel I will introduce in my next book, Sachiel. These guys are awesome. They don’t dress like typical Hallmark card angels.

“Archangel Michael said one time Cassiel would not wear white if his life depended on it, so Cass walks around in all black, head to toe. He has raven black hair that is just spiked out in all directions and really long, these very beautiful piercing gray eyes and he wears these black tank tops and ripped jeans and a pair of Doc Martin boots or military style boots. Sometimes he wears a leather trench coat. I have told people, ‘You want to know what Cassiel looks like? Go back and watch the movie The Crow from 1994, the role played by the late Brandon Lee.”

On what separates her from other angel authors:
“I don’t put the angels up on a cloud. Do I make them out to be beautiful, Divine, creatures? Of course they are! I’ve told many a lady how incredibly hot Michael is — the angels know it, and Michael eats that up. In fact, Michael created the rock star persona.

“What I do is make the angels tangible and accessible. When we see that there are angels out there that match certain aspects of our lives and certain aspects of our own personalities, it makes it so much easier to see them in our everyday lives and know that they are there. It also makes it easier for us to connect with them. I have learned over the last 20 years that the first words to come out of people’s mouths are, ‘Chantel, I just can’t believe that I can talk to Michael or Gabriel. Why would they even bother?’ It becomes an issue of worthiness, the ‘I am not worthy’ mentality.

“Yes, you are worthy enough to speak with an archangel! You are a child of the Creator, ergo, a sibling of Michael. You’re Michael’s baby brother.”

On how many of us have seen an angel:
“Not only do I believe that every single person has seen an angel, not just in spiritual form, but I believe we’ve all seen them in physical form, too. Angels will take on physical forms, too, to test us. Sandelphon often does that. Sandelphon is the Archangel of Love and Charity, and he will take on the human form of a homeless person to test the person’s charity when they walk by. He will take on the form of a beggar who asks you for your change. …It’s not so much a test of passed and failed. It’s just a lesson to be thrown at you to teach you to be more compassionate to others and what’s just, and to be more connected and to show love to other people.”

Chantel says that as for wings, that’s just a human interpretation. Wings not required.
On misconceptions about angels:
“A funny misconception is that they have wings. Angels don’t have wings as they are always pictured. …To some people the angels will appear with wings, but I think the angels just appear in such a luminous way that people mistake their aura and the light they radiate as wings.

“There is a misconception that angels are here to protect us. You’ve seen the angels that are printed on St. Christopher medals that we keep in our cars to protect us from having an accident. Don’t put so much stock in that medal. Just because you have it hanging from your rearview mirror doesn’t mean you’re never going to have a car accident.

“Archangel Michael may be watching over you, no doubt, but if it’s in your life script for you to be in a car accident, then that’s what’s going to happen. There are dominoes that need to be tipped in what Michael calls God’s Great Equation. If you are supposed to be in a car accident, Michael is either going to stand back and let it happen, or he’s just going to cause it.”

On good angels and bad angels:
“The biggest misconception about angels is that there are good angels and there are bad angels. There are no evil angels or fallen angels or demons in a hell roasting us on a stick with garlic butter and a dash of sherry. It doesn’t exist. It only exists in our minds. We have to push past good versus bad. Everything is subjective. What I consider good, you may consider evil. What you consider great, I might consider horrible.

“On ‘Coast to Coast AM,’ George Noory insisted on asking how I know that I am not being tricked. How do I know that these angels I’m talking to aren’t demons?

“As humans, we come bundled with inner demons. They are essential to teaching us life lessons. We have to fight them throughout our spiritual journey. Satan is our ego that puffs us up and makes us arrogant and tells us that we’re better than someone — or he’ll tear us down and tell us we’re worthless. It’s the same ego. That pendulum can swing either way….

“The angels do not work within the terms of good and evil. They only work by one law and one law alone: purpose. That’s it. As Gabriel put it, ‘Whatever works.’

“I have friends who were staring down those tornadoes in Alabama last year, and when you go online and read the articles, you find the idiotic comments that are written by people who say, ‘Well, if God is so great, and God made tornadoes, why is he doing this?’ You want to know why? Because there is a purpose to be served here — a lesson that needs to be learned. We don’t know what that lesson is. No preacher can stand in the pulpit and say the reason hurricane Katrina took out New Orleans was because of their acceptance of LGBT. We can’t say that, because no one human being knows what individual lessons we had to learn.

“The lessons I need to learn in my life are between me and God and the angels that are helping me along. No one can know what God’s intentions are except the people who learned a lesson from it. It’s all part of God’s great equation. The experience is going to affect each family in a different way. It affects the kids as they grow up. It will mold them into who they eventually turn into as adults.

“For those people who lost their homes in Alabama, it’s a tragedy. For me, I lost everything, but in a different way. I didn’t have a literal tornado come through my life, but I did have a metaphorical tornado come through by way of a stroke and I learned a lesson in my way. The great people of Alabama had a lesson to learn in their own way.”

On the illusion of choice:
“People ask when disasters and tragedies happen, ‘Where is God?’ God was there. And people might say, ‘Well, that’s cruel.’ No. You signed up for this, and that’s where that illusion of choice comes in.

“…We walked into this life with a script after having co-authored it with the angels and with God. Gabriel told me, ‘I tried warning you that this was going to be a rough go. I told you it was going to be hard.’

“When we’re in Heaven — and I use that word because that’s just the word everybody recognizes — we are of higher knowledge and we know that when we come into this human existence, it is just a dream. It’s a video game. That’s it. We look at the script and say, ‘I can handle that. I’ll be fine.’ Because we know our own potential. There, we haven’t been fooled. We haven’t been brainwashed into thinking we are lesser beings and that we’re not immortal. Unfortunately we can’t bring that knowledge with us, because that would be cheating the game.

“The only thing that is guaranteed in life, spiritually and physically, is that we’re going to live the script. Now, what’s not guaranteed is whether or not we learn the lesson. That is not a guarantee. We may go back home and say, ‘Ah, man, I really dropped the ball on that one.’ And the angels say, ‘Yeah, you did. You’re going to have to go and do that again. You don’t have to do it right now, and you don’t have to live the same life over, but you’re going to have to go and you’re going to have to learn that lesson eventually.’

“When we come into bodies, we’re strapped in for the ride and there’s no getting off until the ride is over. I liken it to a roller coaster. We get on and we have fun and that’s the way life is. We go through it and we go through the hairpin turns, and we do the 90-foot drops at an 85-degree angle, and then we’re shooting off at 70 miles per hour. Then we get off the ride. We survived it, and we’re yelling, ‘Hurrah,’ and we’re saying, ‘Let’s do it again!’ That is the human mentality on the spiritual realm. We look at this as a ride that we get on.”

On time:
“One day I said to Gabriel, ‘Give me an idea of time.’

“‘Time is an illusion.’

“‘Yeah, but dude, we here in this reality, this is what we focus on. Time means everything to us.’ Gabriel, just help me understand why time is an illusion.’

“‘We don’t use it on this side.’

“‘But, if I live a 100 years, am I asleep for 100 years?

“‘No. For an average life in this reality of 85 years, on the other side at Home it is a 15-minute nap.’

“That’s why we keep coming back. It’s only 15 minutes. We haven’t been gone long, so we jump back and forth into these lives.”

On angels having fun:
“When I’m talking to Michael, I goof off just like he’s my brother. Sometimes my place looks like a frat house with all the angels playing around, especially Michael and Sandelphon. Michael is the big brother, with Sandelphon the little brother, and those two are a menace in Heaven because they prank everybody. They prank the human souls. They prank the angels. The only question that I have yet to get answered is if they prank the Ascended Masters. I can’t picture Michael and Sandelphon pranking Buddha — but I wouldn’t put it past them.”

On how angels can care for everyone:
“Last January, I thought I was having a heart attack and wound up in the emergency room. Finally, I got into my own room so they could start doing tests, and there was a television in there. A nurse came in and said, ‘Chantel, you are going to be here all day, so why don’t you turn on the TV. You’re going to get bored.’

“I said, ‘It is never boring in my head. I am perfectly fine.’ I was having a lot of pain, so the first thing they want to give you is a heavy duty medication. So I’m watching the nurse, already knowing what she’s putting in that IV — and it hit hard.

“Michael was already standing against the wall. He wasn’t in his usual jovial mood, and I realized that when the angels are in the hospital, they take on a whole different persona. Michael had his arms folded and his leg bent with his foot against the wall, just standing on one leg kind of looking over me. Then I realized Gabriel and Raphael were outside in the hall.

“People wonder if angels have to take turns going from one person in need to the next. Do I get Michael today and my friend gets Michael tomorrow? Remember when I said that the angels are orbs of light and they have those tendrils going in all different directions? Those tendrils give off tiny particles. They look like golden or white specks of glowing dust. Those individual specks of dust can turn into a whole other Archangel Michael. So if Michael releases one of those specks, he turns into another Michael.

“With 7 billion of us on this planet, if we all need Michael at the same time, Michael can divide easily into 7 billion Michaels — and they’re all of one mind, but they can all work with each of us individually. That should give you an idea of an angel’s capacity. Take that and multiply it across countless realities and countless human souls. That’s how massive angels are, that they are able to do that.”

On how people who would like to connect with the angels can get the most out of their experience with them?
“I had a lady come up to me at a book signing, and I could just tell by her energy and the look on her face that she had a lot going on in her life, and that she was carrying a heavy load. She got really close to me and she whispered, ‘Look, Chantel, I’m going to read your book, but I need to know. Can you give me a shortcut if there is any? How do I connect with the angels? I need them now.’

“‘Yeah. Come closer, because I’m only going to say this once because this is very complex and you’ve got a lot of other people behind you in line, so listen carefully.’

“‘Do I need to take notes?’

“‘No, not really. Just listen to me. You’ll be able to remember this. Are you ready?’

“‘Yeah.’ She was listening intently.

“‘When you need Michael this is what you do. Now, watch me carefully.’ Then I said, ‘Hey, Mike!’

“She just stared at me and said, ‘I don’t get it.’

“‘That’s what you do.’

“‘Wait. So to connect with them I just need to call?’

“‘You call with your heart and your soul, and they will come. But, you’ve got to be ready, because when you call on an angel, you better be ready to work. You’ve got to be serious about it. Don’t call on an angel and say, I just want you to fix my life. Because they’re not coming to fix your life. They are coming in there to help you learn your lesson — and a lot of these lessons that we learn in life are hard and cruel and we suffer through them. So, if you’re going to call on them, you better be darn ready to do some footwork, because it’s going to be in your hands to push forward on your spiritual journey.’

“Talk to them every day. That’s the key, and that’s what you neglect. Talk to them like you talk to your best friend. It doesn’t have to be a prayer. You don’t have to say, ‘Oh, Heavenly St. Michael,’ because I can tell you the angels don’t want prayer. They’re not looking for you to pray to them. They don’t want to be worshipped. They don’t want you worshipping statues of them or anything.

Talk with the angel every day. Have casual conversations with them. Talk about the weather. Talk about your job. Talk about your family. Talk about what’s deep in your soul. Have conversations with them every day and get to know the angel, because during down time, when nothing is going on, when life is just kind of flowing along, when you’re talking with your angel he or she becomes familiar with you and you become familiar with them — so familiar that they become a friend. They become someone you trust. They become someone that you love deeply and you know that no matter what happens, they will be there for you.”

On how angels respond to prayer:
“I have an event coming up where we’re going to be doing an angel healing circle. I will tell everybody that when we go into this, we are going into it with the intention of healing, whether it’s mind, body or soul. We are going into it with healing. Will the angels be there? Absolutely. Will they help us? Most certainly. But, what we have to understand is that angels don’t always help us in the ways that we want.

“Prayers aren’t always answered with rainbows and daffodils. Sometimes prayers are answered with storms, thunderclouds and a deluge. It never comes the way we expect it to come, but we get it, just not in the packaging we always expected.

“The key is for you to talk to whichever angel you connect with, so much so that you know Archangel Michael will be with you, that no matter what, Archangel Raphael is going to be with you. They key words are, ‘No matter what, they’re with me.’

“And so, when the deluge comes, when that flood comes rushing in, when that tornado comes and levels everything you’ve owned and scatters your life over a 10-mile radius, when you go to Michael he is not foreign. You already know him. He is already your friend. He is already there.

“There’s something I write in my books that I call the emergency room syndrome. The majority of us only pray or go to our angels when there is trouble. We wait until we get hurt — and then we are focused, man. We are praying like there is no tomorrow. Ultimately, though, that wastes energy, because in those situations you are panicked — and when you are panicked and you are stressed and you are worried out of your mind, connecting with the angels is nearly impossible, because you can’t hear. You can’t focus. You can’t connect.

“It’s hard for the angel, too. He’s sending you the message, but that message isn’t getting through. …If it is difficult enough for us to get messages when it’s downtime through all the filters that we have built in, imagine how difficult it is for us to listen to the angels when we are in a panic state. So, that’s why I tell people, ‘Don’t wait until all hell breaks loose to connect with the Divine. Connect with the Divine every day. Then you have already established a very solid, very clear connection, and you can listen and get the guidance — and more importantly, you get the comfort that you need and the endurance.”

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