Re-Inventing your Life through Divine Miracles


kraus2-wideThe miracles of Nature are one of the most wondrous experiences we have created here on planet Earth. Know that our precious Earth, along with our physical bodies, is going through the biggest transition ever to happen in human form. We are ascending into the 5th dimension and beyond. It has been told that within the next ten years, the 3rd dimension — and most probably the 4th dimension — will no longer reside on Earth as we make our transition to 5th dimensional living.

What is the 5th dimension, you may ask? What will it look like? Feel like? And be like? Let’s check in with the angels.

Angel Ariel wants us to know that we are making a very conscious choice right now through our actions, our words and our daily choices to either live within the dimension of Love or the dimension of Fear. Simple, you say — and yes it is, but it still takes a choice to transform all old-paradigm actions into love. Is it loving to spank our children while we teach them that it is unkind to hit one another? Is it loving to create unrest in our families through control or violence and then wonder why the world is still contemplating war? Look within your life and see where the old actions or reactions take over and pull you off course…off the course of Pure Divine unconditional love…for Love is truly all there is.

The 5th dimension is a reality where only Love resides. Where there are no opposites. There is only pure Joy. Imagine a world with no war, no hatred, no pain, no struggle, no suffering, no disease, no victimization or no separation through any means — religion, ethnic background, economy, education — where all is given and received equally and freely. Where economics and social class do not exist and therefore cannot separate us. Where food, and all that our heart’s desire, is given freely with no scarcity. A world that is not in competition or lack of any kind. Hold this vision of the world in your hearts and feel it with all you physical senses, as well as your higher senses, as we bring this world into reality with the intent of our pure consciousness.

For these higher senses of telepathy, intuition, inner knowingness, clarity, integrity, peace, joy, honesty and oneness will all be a common part of our daily lives. We will just know, hear, see and be beyond our human senses and become fully realized humans living out Heaven-Divine existence, on Earth through our human selves.

As the old saying goes, “Chop wood, Carry water.” We will be seemingly the same, only totally different, as we carry out our daily activities as Divine aspects of our God selves within human bodies — no longer chopping wood and carrying water as our Ego selves. We will be totally transformed! Everything that came before Dec. 21, 2012 will, within the next few decades, be referred to as the “Dark Ages.”

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