Tapping into the Secret Energy of Sacred Places


curtis-wideHave you ever wondered what makes a place like the Great Pyramid of Giza, Machu Picchu or the cathedrals of Europe so energetically rich? Have you ever wished you could bottle some of this sacred energy and bring it home? Now you can. The energetic science known as BioGeometry gives us the ability to bring the qualities of a sacred space into our home, our bodies and work environments.

Dr. Ibahim Karim, founder of BioGeometry, developed this energy science based on the design language of shape, color, sound and motion. He has completed more than 40 years of research on this subject and is now showing people all over the world how to detect sacred energies, resonate with them, and use them in daily life for our benefit.

Hawaii and the Secret Energy of BG3
On my last trip to the Islands of Hawaii, I was able to visit many of the ancient petroglyphs on the Big Island, as well as the oldest known pre-Polynesian site, the “Menehune Ditch,” on the island of Kauai.

With the understanding and perspective that BioGeometry has given me, I knew how to detect the energetic qualities of these areas and the reason behind the specific locations of these sacred sites. Many of the petroglyphs, as well as the Menehune Ditch, resonate with an energy quality that Dr. Karim has coined “BG3,” as it is comprised of three beneficial energy qualities that have been found at sacred locations all over the world. By tapping into the Earth’s beneficial energies, ancient cultures would enhance, distribute and beneficially infuse all life with the naturally occurring sacred energies, promoting physical and spiritual health.

I was able to see this in action when I visited the Menehune Ditch, which is located directly over a line of BG3 energy. The Menehune Ditch was an ancient irrigation canal that brought freshly charged water to the agricultural land below. The water was infused with sacred energy as it traveled down the canal and, thus, infused the food grown in the area with BG3. What better way to provide for a healthy and spiritually uplifted culture?

Our True Self shines through
Many of us are beginning to realize that we are more than just a physical body. We are an energetic system made up of many subtle bodies, of which our highest most spiritual body is Soul, our true self. In understanding our body’s energetic system, we are beginning to yearn for higher consciousness.

The physical world we all live in challenges us every day. But the physical world acts as it was designed: to be a school for Soul’s growth. As our consciousness expands through our experiences in the physical world, so does our sensitivity to all forms of energy, both beneficial and detrimental. Dr. Karim’s BioGeometry now gives us an opportunity to walk through a new door that brings clarity of mind and emotion, while allowing our true self to shine through. BioGeometry does this by alleviating the constant pressures of electromagnetic fields of our modern technological age with specifically designed shapes and sacred energy principles.

When we can accurately identify all energy qualities, every aspect of life can be tuned to the highest ideal. Like the scientific periodical chart or the breakdown of calories, sugars, vitamins and fats in foods, BioGeometry does the same for invisible energies based on a qualitative scale. In doing so, it is assisting humans to move forward in consciousness.

Bringing home the Spiritual Gold
Throughout history, sacred temples and churches were designed in respect to earth, sky, and spiritual energies. The designers recognized that these energies had the potential for creating a “heaven” on Earth. This understanding of sacred energy was the cornerstone for city planners of ancient Greece and ancient Egypt.

BioGeometry gives you the ability to transform your life by accessing these energetic qualities. It can support healing, transmute detrimental electromagnetic fields, and open the door for higher consciousness. It offers you simple solutions to bring home the spiritual gold that can transform our personal space into the temple it was meant to be.

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Carrigan Curtis
Carrigan Curtis is the owner of a Residential Home Design/Build Company and a Practitioner of BioGeometry at Healing By Design, Inc. She presents workshops on the science of BioGeometry to help others find their way out of the smog that detrimental energies create around us each day. Learn more about BioGeometry and EMF protection at www.healingxdesign.com.


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