Ayahuasca, planet Earth subjects of two film projects


film-wideIndependent filmmaker Christian Moran has launched his own production company, CM Films, a passion project specializing in documentaries with a powerful message. Moran’s directorial efforts, Ayahuasca Diary and Everything Will Be Alright, are available now at www.christianmoran.com.

Moran’s company, based in Los Angeles, will showcase feature documentaries, web series and shorts that aim to inform, inspire and motivate viewers to take a closer look at the world around them.

“I’m excited to launch my website and have a place to show my movies,” said Moran. “I want to make films that ask the questions that I think we as a society want the answers to.”

Ayahuasca Diary follows four people with various ailments and illnesses into the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, where they discover the true healing power of Ayahuasca — the Vine of the Soul — which is said to cure every medical affliction from arthritis to cancer.

Moran’s 10-part series Everything Will Be Alright explores the future of Planet Earth: the filmmaker interviews experts about the environment, society, health, technology, nutrition, medicine and energy production in the coming decades, and what it means for us today.

All of the films are available for free streaming and download on the site, for all formats and devices.

“I hope people relate and respond to the stories I tell, and create a dialogue with others about our planet and our future,” said Moran. “Moviemaking is more than a great job; it’s an emotional and unique learning experience. With the launch of CM Films, I feel like I have a place to channel the work I want to do.”

For more information, please visit www.christianmoran.com.

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