Master Tao Huang returns to Rochester


tao-huang-wideMaster Tao Huang, a noted Taoist master in I Ching and author of many books, will return June 13-23 to the Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center in Rochester, MN — and June 16-18 in Minneapolis — to offer Xin Le Qu (pronounced Chin La Shu) bodywork sessions.

Xin Le Qu sessions remove the karmic holding in our bodies from the four generations or 15 family members that we hold space for (our self, our parents, our grandparents and our great-grandparents), giving us more space for our souls to fully become embodied. This transformational bodywork provides insight into the effects that your ancestral lineage has on your physical body and leaves you thinking differently about your family forever.

Master Tao Huang grew up in Northwest China. According to a prophecy revealed to his family by a local shaman, he was destined to be a healer and shaman. In previous incarnations, he was a Buddhist monk twice and spent two lives as a Native American shaman. During his teenage years he began practicing qigong as a healing technique and healed many of his own physical ailments. Then he discovered Taoism and became interested in many other spiritual disciplines, including Christianity and Buddhism. He was ordained as a Taoist Monk into the 26th lineage of the Dragon Gate School and monastery, where he received the teachings of the talisman, Yellow Court, inner alchemy and mystic practice.

He felt a calling to go to the United States to be able to provide this gift of healing that he was given that he called Xin Le Qu. He emigrated in 1990 to offer the teachings of Laoism and the practices of Taoism. He is the author of The Secret Teachings of the Tao Te Ching, Laoism: The Complete Teachings of Lao Zi, Spiritual Anatomy, and Angelic Wings, Twin Flames’ Revelation of the Meridian System.

Master Tao says ancestral and genetic codings of four generations are passed on to us and, as a result, we have “contracts” to work through in this lifetime. We are responsible to remove or end at least one-third of these ancestral codes. As we remove ancestral and karmic blockages that separate and degrade us from divine love, we become more of the universal self that we were intended to be. The more we are in our bodies, we relate to people more compassionately and divinely.

It is not uncommon to feel a little out of sorts after Tao’s work. One does a great deal of clearing out when you work with ancestral contracts and depending on what your contracts were, they could be painful and then exhausting. The “holding” Master Tao does on the body is for as long as it takes to release the tension that is held by you at those meridian points. This can occur by holding or touching multiple meridian points at one time.

Contact Mary Laven of Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center at 507.281.6649 to set an appointment.

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