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3 Simple Steps to Empower Your Parenting and Nurture Your Child’s Spiritual Gifts

We all need reminders of our true potential and power. And as a Mom, you naturally have the ability to carry this vision for yourself and your child. You’re a mirror, reflecting possibility and giving your child a gentle reminder of who they came here to be.

It’s hard to remember that truth when you’re feeling challenged to the core by their behavior or overwhelmed with fear and doubt that leaves you feeling defeated or like a complete failure.

So, how do you show up as unconditional love and unwavering faith when you feel like a mess?

First of all, you can relax, knowing you were perfectly chosen to care for your child. And you both agreed to show up together in this lifetime to grow in a spiritual partnership. An important part of your experience together is recognizing how your fears, judgments and expectations impact the relationship with your child.

If you’re struggling to understand your child’s behavior or if they constantly push your buttons and test your limits, chances are they’re simply trying to tell you something. Their behavior is the delivery of a message. While the delivery may not always be a pleasant experience, you can rest assured your child will always show you what is ready to be healed within yourself and in your relationship.

This is one of the greatest gifts of Motherhood because it’s an opportunity to gain clarity and insight into the truth of who you really are. And your child needs you to remember so you can break free of limiting beliefs that stand in the way of their freedom to share their gifts with the world.

All it takes is your willingness to let go so you can expand your perspective and enjoy seeing yourself and your child in a new Light!

Here are three simple steps to empower your parenting and nurture your child’s gifts:

  • Explore your beliefs: Awareness is your key to uncovering how you really feel about yourself and your child’s behaviors. How you perceive is everything and you’ll begin to uncover what’s truly standing in the way of enjoying an easy relationship together. Give yourself permission to explore the unconscious beliefs that are ready to be healed. Take time to journal and explore your perceptions. Be gentle and kind in your findings. Chances are you’ll find connections between your beliefs and your child’s behaviors.
  • Ease your energy: Begin easing your energy around beliefs and expectations that are no longer serving you and your child. Your interaction will begin to feel more effortless and natural. Learning to ease your energy helps dissolve power struggles and establishes mutual respect. Let go of expectations and judgments towards yourself and your child. This will help create a natural flow of energy that gives you and your child the freedom to enjoy each other.
  • Empower your potential: Ask yourself how you want to show up for yourself and your child. It’s a great way to begin shifting your perspective and creating a relationship with intention so you carry beliefs that serve the highest potential of both of you.

Your child is here to share a big message with the world. And they need your help in fulfilling their purpose. Being aware that the messages YOU send plays a vital role in their spiritual growth and development so they’re free to become the confident spiritual leader they were born to be.

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Alison Elsberry
Alison Elsberry, OTR/L, is the creator of the Divine Motherhood Movement for supporting Moms parenting spiritually gifted children. She helps these Moms break free of overwhelm, fear and doubt so their children become confident spiritual leaders who are free to share their gifts with the world. Visit where you'll discover how you can nurture your child's gifts with ease, peace and confidence.


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