The Visitors


Memories of my visitors — oh, what a thrill! Better than any alcohol and or marijuana drug-induced state, for sure. I never tried acid, but from what I have heard one might read this story and wonder if I was tripping on it. I was stone cold sober. Not even a sleeping pill or Benadryl for allergies. This part of my life is what I now refer to as my Mega Experiences of the Supernatural Realms.

I was having a lot of involuntary resting and drifting, shifting states of consciousness, and I would astral travel into the cosmos on a regular basis. I was in a down state in my life after a break-up and it seemed when I had time to rest, I never rested; I traveled. Things in the universe were flying at me, around me. There were colors and images I could hardly keep up with: some gruesome, some psychedelic, some a whirlwind of beauty.

I remember it. All of it was very lucid.

I remember seeing the big third eye in the middle of my forehead from within and also from without, as if I were looking down at my face. I clearly was in my astral body — and in my Earth body — aware of the distinction between the two. There was a feeling of trust and journey.

By then I had had enough outlandish experiences that I was open and welcoming; my fear had resided from odd past experiences. I knew somewhere inside that I was letting myself go and escaping almost in this new-found world out there in space. I felt encompassed by life, and I felt an incredible energy. It was as if I was in a science fiction movie in 3D, wearing the glasses.

I had let a force take me for several months in this astral state. I always had the power to not enter or leave whenever I wished. I must say, I pondered this in my awakened state and was astounded by it all. Just when I thought things were getting predictable and everything was routine, something truly fantastical and magical occurred.

Series of events
A series of three events occurred. The first one was different from the two that followed. The events took place during the course of about a year.

The first encounter seemed to occur in “no time and no space.” It was an incident that transposed and communicated to me a world of information that appeared seemingly in seconds. It was a telepathic download and it occurred instantly.

It was Christ.

He was similar to a Jeannie in a Bottle. A colorful, small, cylinder-shaped alien craft materialized in my window next to my bed, suspended in the air. It looked like a miniature version of what a larger craft might look like. When the door of the vessel opened, a tall, thin man with brown hair appeared. I knew it was Jesus immediately. He waved at me and spoke pure love, telepathically, and let me know all was well. I felt blanketed by the message.

And then Jesus vanished as quickly as he arrived, and I was left with a feeling of peace. It was as if I knew I was Divine and a part of a huge whole in the cosmos.

When the little craft disappeared, I said to myself, “Wow! Jesus came and spoke to me!” It was so strange, a Barbie-doll version of Jesus with long brown hair and a white robe. In a Star Trek “beam me up Scottie” type of vessel. Unbelievable right?

Several days later, the Little People made their appearance. They stood one and a half or two feet high, dressed in green and brown. Their small ugly faces were plump, ruddy and their eyes twinkled. They never spoke — just played and romped and made me smile. I wondered if I really saw them — if they were really there. — Johannah Michaelson, The Beautiful Side of Evil

Tween Times
The in-between times — or “Tween” times as I have heard them called throughout my life — are periods of time between day and night and between night and day when you will most likely see or find the faeries, the elementals, the nymphs, and the tree, water, fire and air spirits.

It was just before the morning light. I was awake as I lie in my bed. I saw the little man walking, pacing and romping alongside my bed, acting much like a child, although he was a man about two feet tall, wearing brown clothes and a hat. He had a ruddy, old-man face and his eyes were as bright as the lights I had seen in the cosmos, as bright as Christ’s eyes. His eyes were twinkling like stars and they smiled like Irish eyes, yet everything else about him was old.

As he paced, he looked at me as if he wanted me to play. However, I was frozen in fear and amazement. I knew I was awake and that the sky was barely light. My cat at the foot of my bed seemed to be in a trance, watching him just as I was. I was afraid to move. I was really freaked out and I remember questioning my sanity.

Several months later, I was lying on my back in my bed, and again, right before dawn, the little man reappeared. He was levitating, flying like Tinker Bell, looking down at me, waving hello. It seemed as if he wanted to play “catch me if you can.” I did not know what to do but to lie there and stare at him. I surrendered and really absorbed the moment. He fluttered, smiled and his eyes twinkled — and then he disappeared.

I originally feared him because my sanity — my sense of reality — was challenged, but I wished for his return. I missed him. He was like a child who brings you joy, one you look forward to seeing again. What I most liked about him was that he taught me that you really never know what is possible or what you might encounter.

Over time, I have read much more about such beings. I learned that these types of visitors have many names. They come to people universally, regardless of religious and cultural backgrounds.

He seemed to be a friend, a fun playmate. This extraordinary experience left me stunned — and thrilled to no end.

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Megan Bacigalupo
Megan Bacigalupo has a degree in Human Services and works in the restaurant business in Minneapolis. She is a contributing writer for The Edge Magazine. Megan is a survivor of a hemorrhagic stroke. Her survival story, “In the Cobwebs of my Mind,” was featured in Hope Magazine and shared by several of the leading Brain Aneurysm Foundations. Megan was featured in Reader’s Digest in April of 2021. Title: Poultry in Motion. She was also featured in Human Events in June of 2021, In a story about living in Minneapolis during difficult times . In the Cobwebs of My Mind has now been expanded into a book, Wisdom Editions (an imprint of Calumet Editions), July 2023.


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