Awakening Kundalini: An interview with Chrism



Each of us is intended to be a powerful, physical, intellectual, emotional and intuitive being, but what most of us don’t realize is that our subtle energy system is not complete. Most of us are disconnected from the energetic flow that awakens us as whole beings, a transformative energy known as kundalini. Chrism (also known as Chris Mitchell), a teacher who helps people learn how to receive and live with this energy rising up from the base of the spine, says awakened kundalini permanently changes body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Chrism, who teaches the kundalini and activates those who are ready to receive it, will visit the Twin Cities in late September to lead a Kundalini Awakening Seminar.

This teacher came into life with a fully awakened kundalini energy and speaks from his authentic experience. Through his many years of interaction with the awakened kundalini, he was guided to live a life of helping and teaching others that they may have a safe, supported and full expression of their own kundalini energy.

“Kundalini is an evolutionary energy that is designed for humanity’s next step toward a luminous physical and spiritual expression,” Chrism says. ” The Kundalini is in everyone.  It is an untapped resource of divinity within us all that is waiting to be awakened and experienced.  Never has the time been so right and crucial for a change of this magnitude to be explored and initiated.”

He spoke with The Edge to share more information about the process of awakening kundalini energy.

Most people have heard the word kundalini, but a lot of people don’t understand completely what it is. Please give us an overview of kundalini.
Chrism: Kundalini is an energetic force of consciousness, energy if you will, that rests dormant at the base of a human being’s spine. For most of the population, it rests dormant. For some of the population, it will awaken in their lifetime — and that awakening has very powerful, beautiful and special skills and experiences that accompany it.

Kundalini also has a fair amount of challenges to it if, particularly if you do not have the benefit of a teacher or a system to will help you understand what is occurring. That is what I do. I help people with their kundalini awakening or activate their kundalini.

The kundalini itself is an energetic consciousness that rests at the base of the spine, coiled around the base of our spine three-and-a-half times, and it can be awakened through spiritual practices, breathing practices, near death experiences, accidents, studying with an awakened teacher or just starting meditation.

A person can have their kundalini awakened simply because it is time for them. When the fruit is ripe, it is ready to be consumed, and that is the same thing with the kundalini awakening in a person that has really done nothing to invite this.

I’ve always considered kundalini to be something that would be awakened or provoked by invitation, by going into meditation. You’re suggesting that it can actually spontaneously emerge.
Chrism: Absolutely spontaneous.

What would that look like?
Chrism: It depends on the individual’s mental and emotional disposition, but typically it is very beautiful. It is very, very, exciting. It is amazing. Then, depending on the person’s outlook in life and their emotional stability — and whether or not they go into fear with it — it will begin to color the experience. If they start to go into fear, the experience can amplify that fear and it can become very distorted and twisted.

But, if they choose not to go into fear and just go with the beauty, go with the grace, go with the love that is happening, the person will go through a series of spontaneous movements that they won’t understand. They’ll go through a certain level of ecstatic bliss. They’ll be happy for days and weeks and months. There will be this tremendous level of happiness and joy and serenity. And then that will taper off, and then a level of detoxification will occur: emotional detoxification, physical detoxification, karmic detoxification. And, as that detoxification occurs, the person is becoming more in balance and in harmony with this Divine presence within them.

This is a Divine presence — make no mistake. This is the end point of all religions. It is the end point of all spiritual study. This is where physical mundane meets non-physical Divine. This is that bridge.


I had a friend in the early 1980s who started meditating, and I’m sure that’s what was starting to be activated in her, but it freaked her out so much. She tried to find a place where she could get some understanding about it, but it wasn’t readily available — and this was out in California. Is it fairly new to have people like you who can guide people through this activation and the awakening process?
Chrism: Oh, no. It is still hard to find a teacher who can actually go into your process. I am just blessed with being able to do that. I wish there were more, but there are not. There are organizations that pretend to, if you become this or you become that, and they can explain it to you using their own words, but to believe it you have to follow that religion.

Kundalini is beyond religion. It is the end point. What is required is a level of teaching, which I am trying to produce through these seminars. I am trying to produce kundalini teachers to go out into the population and begin to explain to people that this does not have to be so scary for you. It is important to explain what is going on, that you can put your tongue behind your upper front teeth, and put your fingers in this position, and drink lots of water and stop drinking caffeine. Teachers with this kind of information literally can guide a person away from committing suicide because they have a spontaneous kundalini awakening.

What was your journey? I’m sure when you came into this there were not a lot of teachers that were available to you.
Chrism: There were no teachers. There were no books. First of all, I was born with a level of awakening already intact. I need to preface that statement by saying that when you have the kundalini awakened within you, it comes with you after you die. It is there with you along with your memories and your karma.

The touch of the Divine never ever leaves the soul that it has touched. The touch of the Divine doesn’t wear off with time. It doesn’t lose its power. It is always the same. It is always strong.

I was born into this world with all the symptoms of kundalini awakening as a child without knowing that that’s what the symptoms were. As a child, you can become easily open to this type of thing, because your ego has not matured to the point where everything is set in stone according to how the ego wants it to be, right? As a child, you just figure this out or see if this feels good or that feels good, and I worked with that and I had a lot of experiences that were positive, but I had a lot more that weren’t so positive.

It was very difficult to be transported to the Amazon jungle every night, for years. I didn’t know what a howler monkey was. I just knew that they scared the heck out of me. I didn’t know what these different animals I would come into contact were, and every night this occurred to me until about the age of 13, and then it stopped. Then I was able to have somewhat of a normal junior high and high school experience — until it came back again at the age of 24.

Let me go back. When you have the kundalini and it’s come to you into your next expression, your next lifetime, and you’re a child, you go through a level of karmic burning, karmic balancing through the kundalini. So the kundalini that was there in the previous life is guiding you now as a child — and you’re guided to read certain things, you’re guided to experience certain things, your guided to do certain things.

I would go out and meditate in the wilderness when I was 9. I would say things like, “Spirits of the Universe, send me a gift,” or something of that nature, and I would always get that gift. I had learned not to talk about it with my parents, because my parents didn’t understand any of this. They were chalking it up to an overactive imagination. I learned to have these blessed little skills without bringing attention to myself, and that was a very big lesson, to not want to be Superman, even though you may have Superman attributes.

As this matured within me, my emotional maturity accompanied a healing mentality. I had to know what it is to be sick, as well as what it is to be well. You need to know both sides of the coin. I was shown that through various experiences.

When I was 24, it came back because of a visitation from a discarnate entity that decided to sit down on the edge of my bed and lean over and envelope me in their energy. After that — wow! — the kundalini jumped up and was active in me from then to now.

So, this physical body that is forming these words that you are hearing right now had to go through its own awakening, just like my body did in its previous life. At the age of 30, I had the primary spinal sweep, which is when the kundalini awakens from the base of the spine, travels up the spine and goes out the fontanel of the person, showering down as light around the person. This puts the physical body into various automatic positions of grace and reception and bliss and ecstasy — all of these really, really beautiful, beautiful experiences.

After that, I had to relearn what kundalini was. Because there were no teachers, I had to figure this out on my own — and I did. I was in the corporate world, on my way to becoming a manager at MCA (Music Corporation of America) at the time. I was working the corporate ladder there, but after the kundalini came, everything stopped in the mundane world for me. I had to learn why I was experiencing what I was experiencing. I knew I had to figure it out and I knew that it was not going to go well if I stayed in the corporate world. This was going to be a very difficult scenario. It was already getting difficult.

I became homeless for the next 10 years or more, trying to figure this out. I had medical experience, so I knew that it was not a medical problem, but I also knew that my Subjective Objective Assessment Prognosis (my medical chart) was not looking very good.

From my own deductive reasoning, I knew that I couldn’t take it to a counselor or a psychologist, psychiatrist, MD or anybody, because they were just going to push Prozac-oriented chemicals and medications at me and label me with schizophrenia with positive expressions of bipolarism and things of that nature, which was absolutely untrue. But kundalini can bring that about, so I can’t fault the medical people for making that diagnosis. People will exhibit some of the phenomena that those that have those illnesses will exhibit, and so it’s an easy mistake to make. So I didn’t do that.

How did you find your path from being homeless to being a teacher?
Chrism: I didn’t find that path. That path found me. I wasn’t looking to be a teacher. I could see that kundalini will push you into selfless service for other people, and I learned, through trial and error, that you don’t resist the kundalini. When it wants to push you in a certain way, you answer that push with, “Yes, OK, absolutely, here we go.” And that’s what I did.

I started a Yahoo group that grew exponentially very quickly, and the kundalini started doing its teachings through that group. Now we have seven or eight communities, and we have members from all over the world, thousands of people. I have created a website [] where the writings that came through the kundalini pretty much speak for themselves. Read those writings and you will feel the kundalini.

I had never seen myself as a writer before, but the kundalini had other ideas, and so the writings came through and we shared them online and people started reading them and responding to those writings in very positive ways. Then we created 300 YouTube videos [search Chrism Kundalini at].

You know, everybody and their uncle now seem to feel that they are a kundalini awakened teacher or master, and a famous author will say, “Well, I wrote a really good book and so I must have kundalini, right?” That is absolutely not true.

So someone who is really searching needs to do the work to find someone who can guide them, who has had the experience and who has the knowledge of that instruction.
Chrism: Exactly. You want to find a teacher who, first of all, is willing to take the time with you as an individual. I find a lot of these big-name authors and so-called teachers will answer a general question, but they don’t care about you as an individual. You need to have a teacher who will go in, see your process, understand your process, and begin to teach you about your process — not about his process, but about your process and your karma and the challenges that the kundalini is bringing up for you to work through. That teacher needs to share about the gifts that that same kundalini also is bringing up and explain those gifts so they don’t frighten anyone.

Is it similar to a relationship between a student and a guru — or how would you define that relationship between you and somebody you’re helping?
Chrism: Guru has a very negative connotation in the West. Master has a very negative connotation in the West. So, for me it’s just teacher; teacher is fine.

And what’s the structure? If someone wanted to work with you, what does he or she need to do?
Chrism: They need to read the writings. They need to begin practicing the safety protocols for kundalini awakening. Then we will meet over Skype if they are living a long ways away or we’ll meet in person. I’ll begin to work with them on an individual basis about where they need to go, how they need to get there, what they need to do, and what process is going to happen for them. And that is a huge blessing, because when you have no instruction and this type of stuff happens to you, to say that it makes you think you’re crazy is putting it very lightly.

I think you’re accurate that many people enter the mental health arena and then receive a diagnosis and a label. I sense that many people are being given a lot of medication to quiet them when what they really just need is to be guided and helped through this journey.
Chrism: Oh, that’s right. In terms of symptoms, you can hear voices with a kundalini awakening, and hearing voices is one of the prime indicators of schizophrenia. You can hear a voice, you can hear entities, you can hear all of that. But if you tell an M.D. or a psychologist or psychiatrist that you are hearing voices, well, they reach for the schizophrenic drugs.


What is that process of awakening?
Chrism: It is awakening to the truth of your Divine self. It’s about knowing who and how you are beyond the reality paradigm that we are programmed to believe is real — through science, law, religion and education. It’s about reaching beyond the accepted programming of these institutions and going into the kundalini.

The kundalini awakening itself is beyond words. In a way, it is unspeakable. But it is unspeakable joy. It’s unspeakable bliss. Know also that if it isn’t treated in the right way, it can be unspeakable terror. You really want to have a teacher who is based in love, in light, in communication, in joy, happiness, harmony, forgiveness, compassion, selfless service to others. That is the quality of a teacher you want to bring into your kundalini awakening with you. That kind of a person can help you focus on the goodness that is occurring — and focus on the more challenging aspects that are occurring, such as pain, nightmares or negative visits from an entity or whatever. You need a person who can talk with you and walk with you through these areas, and this is what I’m doing.

Tell me about the safety protocols for kundalini awakening that you developed.
Chrism: In my second seminar, which took place in 2006 in Santa Cruz, California, I gave a person active Shaktipat. Shaktipat means activating someone’s kundalini by using the kundalini that flows through me. I gave this individual Shaktipat, but I had certain questions about it for myself. I thought, “I don’t know about this.” The kundalini allowed me to go ahead and do it anyway, but the individual had seven red welts along his spine over the nerve plexi centers or chakra centers. I thought, “Oh, no, this is horrible.”

The first rule in healing is do no harm — you never hurt. I was very upset about the red welts, but they went down immediately. His Shaktipat remained — and it caused him to go a little over the edge about control issues and maybe issues about self-validation and things of that nature. I was able to work with him and get those things straightened out. But after that, I just sat down in meditation and had a little conversation with my kundalini.

“Look, I don’t want to hurt anybody. I don’t want anybody to come into this without information.” And the kundalini proceeded to download the safeties into my head. I took practical practices from almost every culture in this world, including the shamanic, and condensed it into one great teaching, one great practice, that a person can do every day. This is what I teach, and this will save a person from going crazy in the kundalini. If they practice the safeties, they should do very well.

Are these safety protocols available in your videos and writings, or do you need to access them at your workshops?
Chrism: They are part of the workshop, because they are a stand-alone activation equation. You can just do the safeties and begin to activate your kundalini. So, of course, at the seminar I teach the safeties. But, I also give a huge amount of information about the kundalini: what it is, how it is, how you are within it, how it is in you, how the environment begins to respond with you differently, how your environment and your awareness of what is real begins to expand, how to deal with that expansion and whatever life forms and consciousness exist beyond the narrow focus of a five-sense human being, and what happens when your eyes are opened into the infinite, what happens then and how do you deal with that?

We talk about all of those scenarios, and I answer questions at the seminar. I take questions immediately when anyone has one for me. I want people to ask questions that are near and dear to their hearts so they don’t leave with unanswered concerns.

As soon as a person comes in to the seminar, they are wrapped in my kundalini immediately. I don’t have to say a word. The process begins to evaluate that person’s level of awareness for kundalini and what is best for them to do and to experience as they begin seeking more information or actually seeking the activation itself.

On my website — — on the menu on the left side, the fifth item down is a link called The Safeties. Print them out. I invite everyone to read them at least three times and begin to practice them. You’ll notice that there are levels of vertical yoga, which is what draws energy from the lower part of the body straight up the spine. This is the path that we want the kundalini to go, straight up the spine.

What have you witnessed during the integration process when people start to awaken and become more familiar with the kundalini? And how does that impact their day-to-day lives?
Chrism: The interesting thing is, I’ve seen that happen right there at the seminar. I give the Shaktipat and boom, they have it — and all of a sudden the paradigm has shifted for them, from, “Oh, gosh, I just came to this seminar because it sounded really cool, you know, and, jeez, I didn’t think any of it was real!”

I didn’t think this was going to happen!
Chrism: I’ve had people just fall into tears and ask for it to be mitigated — and, of course, I can mitigate that.

When your kundalini is awakened, it is a real change in your reality. It’s beautiful, but you have to realize it is a change — and you don’t want to resist the changes that are coming.

In the normal day-to-day life, all of a sudden you feel more, you see more, you experience more, your sensorial pickup is extremely elevated. Your strength and your endurance can be extremely elevated, and conversely, you can have all your energy. It feels like it’s just being sucked away and replaced with something different — sometimes that’s a little confusing for people to keep aware of. There are many different levels of kundalini expression that happen for a person when they are new to the activation. Much of the kundalini itself is about acclimating yourself to the new person you are becoming through the kundalini. As that acclimation occurs, you become stronger and stronger and stronger and far better able to live a life of an awakened saint inside of a society that does not recognize awakened saints.

It sounds like a real surrendering process.
Chrism: Extremely so — yes, surrendering and tolerating and changing your inner dogma to that of honesty, truth, compassion, forgiveness, all the noble qualities that lead one into enlightenment.

Is part of the challenge for a person who is spiritually ready for this when the ego comes in? I would assume that addictions and distractions put a lid on that energy, because the ego doesn’t know how to deal with it?
Chrism: Well, they’ll try to put a lid on the energy, but that’s not necessarily something that is always allowed. Sometimes the kundalini itself will not allow the person to change how the energy is affecting them. Within that context, a person just needs to surrender, not try to change, not try to manipulate the energy.

A lot of people get lost in trying to manipulate the energy, to control the kundalini — and that is a big mistake. The kundalini does not take well to people trying to, shall we say, usurp its position or its agenda within the body. It will respond to a person in a painful fashion if they keep trying to do that. It responds very tolerantly at first. It’s not one to just slap a person down. It’s very gentle, but when a person continues to cause such problems for themselves, then the kundalini will get incrementally harder and harsher in its correction.

So, once it’s been activated or awakened, then it’s a process that has its own course that it’s going to follow?
Chrism: It does have its own agenda. It rewires the human body. If you were to relate it to an automobile, it would be rewiring the human body from a 12-volt system to a 12-million-volt system. And, not everybody is going to be happy about that rewiring.

A spontaneous volt of energy enters a person’s spine typically within the first six months of a kundalini awakening. It literally feels like you are sitting on an 8,000-volt electrical line. It is so strong it can propel you across the room.

It did that to my friend who I talked about. She would be thrown across the room and she didn’t know how to manage that, so she just shut it down. It was scary.
Chrism: (laughing) That’s right. You get literally thrown across the room and you’re landing there in front of the TV or whatever, wondering, “What the heck was that!?” The first place you are going is where? You’re going into fear. Now, you’re going into fear because, whoa, that was way too much.

For people who I consider are devolving into a level of panic and fear, I tell them to stop meditating, stop doing yoga, stop doing Pilates, stop doing anything of a spiritual or religious function. Stop doing everything, and just let yourself calm. That worked for her, it sounds like.

How is this different or maybe misdiagnosed when somebody has incessant anxiety, and no matter what they do it’s not being quieted. They just feel like they’re in this hypervigilant reactive state, almost like they are in a spiritual or emotional spasm. Would that be the kundalini or something different?
Chrism: Absolutely that could be the kundalini. A lot of it has to do with the level of adrenalin in their bloodstream and what is causing an elevated increase in the adrenal function within the person. When the kundalini reaches the kidneys, it also reaches the adrenals. It infuses the kidneys, and they will begin to increase about one-third more of their size for a short time. You can literally feel them protruding out of your skin. You think, “Whoa, I must have a stone!” You leap to the worst-case scenario.

Doctors rarely will find any evidence for kundalini awakening symptoms: everything from heart attacks to high blood pressure to low blood pressure. Your heart rate will go sky high and you’re thinking, “Oh, my God, tachycardia, I’m having a heart attack. I better go to the ER.” You’ll run on over to the ER and you wait for eight hours or so and then they take you in and they strap you up and they take all the EKGs and all the different tests. And then and it’s, “Sorry, Mr. Chrism, maybe you are just having a little anxiety. Here, take this pill.”

What work do you do with counselors and doctors to educate them about this?
Chrism: Most doctors don’t want to be educated about kundalini — and certainly not from someone who doesn’t have some group of letterings behind their name. But, I get a lot of MDs coming to my online communities, and I get a lot of doctors who are reading my information. That, to me, is the best way. They need to learn in a way that keeps their ego happy and I’m all for that. A doctor with a happy ego. If he has to have one, I’d rather it be happy rather than angry or belligerent.

In the ideal world, if an M.D. was educated about kundalini, how could he or she help direct somebody to the right instruction instead of perpetuating the diagnostic method?
Chrism: Well, in a better world — I won’t say the ideal — the MD would know that this is kundalini awakening — or better worded, what they like to call “a spiritual emergency.” So if they know that this is what is occurring, they would know that if they just tell the person to put the tongue tip behind the upper front teeth, then things are going to smooth out quite quickly. They don’t need to be dispensing Klonopin. They don’t need to be dispensing any of these SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or antidepressants). The SSRI would disappear in the context of kundalini awakening scenarios, and that would be a much better world.

If our doctors and nurses and psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors learned to expand their understanding of the human condition beyond their training, beyond their schools, beyond what the AMA considers to be the only correct course, and beyond their expectations, then they would be able to help people in a much more compassionate way and a far more effective way — in a way that is far less traumatic for the patient.

I’ve heard that term “spiritual emergency” used in the medical world. Is medicine becoming a little bit more receptive to talking about such things?
Chrism: The medical people came up with that term on their own, because they were running into a lot of kundalini awakening cases. A few MDs — some who are fully accredited with the American Medical Association — are not afraid to write about the kundalini. So, these folks came up with “spiritual emergency” on their own and they are comfortable with that. They still are treating it far too heavily with drugs. When patients report hearing voices, that lowers the schizophrenia axe on the person, or when patients report feeling really happy one day and really sad the next, that lowers the bipolar diagnosis on that person.

There is just a slow expansion into the medical field, but I didn’t expect it to be fast. Any time you’ve got a system that rewards itself if a person is sick instead of rewarding itself when the person is better, you can have problems.

Let’s talk a little bit about the kundalini awakening workshop that you’re going to lead in the Twin Cities in September.
Chrism: I’ll be doing the seminar, and I’ll be doing some speaking engagements the week before the seminar throughout the Twin Cities. Come to one of those speaking engagements and see what it’s like. See how it feels. On the podcast of this interview, feel the kundalini in the voice, feel the voice reaching into you and see if it works. Just see if this is calling to you, and if it is calling to you, then answer that call.

I’m on Facebook at Chris Mitchell – Chrism Kundalini, and on Facebook at Kundalini Awakening or Kundalini Awakening Systems 2. We have a group called Kundalini Awakening Systems 1, and a YouTube page at Chris Mitchell Kundalini or Chrism.

If you have any question about me or how I teach or how I am, just watch the videos in the comfort of your own home. Yes, my kundalini will reach into you from the video, but it’s for a specific topic that we’re discussing on the video. I go into spiritual emergency. I go in the dark night of the soul. I go into forgiveness. I go into bliss and ecstasy and the really beautiful aspects of the awakening. I tend to slant things a little more to the beauty, because things have been slanted to the terrifying far too much.

Do you have any final thoughts for our readers?
Kundalini is the source of the force. If you watch Star Wars, then you know, “Let the Force be With You,” and all that. Kundalini is that force. Kundalini is that inner frequency of relationship between the Divine and the physical mundane. For those of you that listen to the podcast of this interview, feel the energy of the kundalini coming through this voice into your spiritual equation. Feel it. Let it resonate with you. Taste it like a fine wine and see what happens with you in regards to your dreams, your feelings about love and life and balance and why it is you are here, what reason, why are you here, what’s going on with you in that area, and then come to this seminar. Come and meet me. Meet Rosemary.

There will be more kundalini-awakened people there than you will ever come across in one room, because I get a lot of neat people who come to my events.

Really begin to open yourself to this idea. Forget about what you read from negative websites. You get a lot of people lying about kundalini syndrome, lying about this, lying about that, trying to stroke people’s fears instead of stroking their joy. Be very aware that there is a concentrated effort to distort the information about kundalini. Don’t believe it. It is the hand of the Divine in your heart. It is a beautiful, compassionate lesson.

A Kundalini Awakening Seminar, presented by Kundalini Awakening Systems, will take place September 27-28 in Eagan, MN.

It is a natural birthright for all people to experience kundalini, a powerful, transforming energy located at the base of the spine, as it rises in the body and impacts their lives, seminar leader Chrism says.

During the seminar, participants will learn how to receive and live with this gift of grace by practicing the Kundalini Awakening Systems’ protocols, “The Safeties,” which are activities to strengthen the physical, emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual aspects of each individual.

The seminar will take place at the Best Western Dakota Ridge Hotel, 3450 Washington Ave., Eagan. Registration before July 31 is $279. After July 31, the cost is $297. Call 651.452.0100 for special room rates.

For further information, call 651.452.3161, email [email protected] or visit

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