Holly and Me — exactly as it was intended


Holly came into my life 15 years ago while I was still living in Hollywood, California. I rescued this 4-year-old cat from a girl who was throwing her out because she chose an apartment that didn’t accept pets.

At the time, I was going through a very rough breakup and my heart was smashed to pieces. Holly was exactly what I needed.

Holly is the very first cat I’ve had as an indoor companion, and it took a few days for us to get to know one another and how things worked. We sat and painted watercolors together — well, I would paint and Holly would bat at my brush while I cleaned it in the water bowl. We became fast friends.

One night while we were snuggling in bed I said, “It’s going to just be you and me, kid.” I had no idea that my words were going to ring true. Through all of the changes in my life during these past 15 years, the one thing that has remained constant is Holly. Holly has traveled through more states than most people I know, and she has walked down each path with me as a constant friend and confidant. She also makes an excellent travel companion — as long as she can look out the window!

This year, it occurred to me that Holly is truly my soul mate, and I know that we have spent many lives together. Once this realization came to me, I delved deeper and learned that Holly hasn’t always been a cat; she’s also lived as a human.

A few weeks ago, while she slept in my arms, I realized that Holly’s mission in this life is to show me love — pure and unadulterated love — and she has done that well. In the 15 years I’ve spent with her, I’ve come to know her better than I have known anyone else. I know when she’s happy, sad, angry or scared. I’ve also come to perfectly understand her words. We have a special bond, and I’m so grateful the universe delivered her into my arms. I love her more than anyone else in the world.

Holly is turning 19 this month, and because I wanted to give her the best life possible, I became a licensed practitioner in Healing Touch for Animals, knowing that I could help assist her with her aging process and give her wellness treatments to keep her feeling good. So I also have her to thank for leading me to this wonderful new career change.

Now that I realize Holly’s job in this life was to be the one to show me true love, I have a much better understanding as to why she’s never let me bring another adopted companion into the house; it isn’t just that she’s a territorial alpha cat, but having someone else around would have taken away from her mission. So until it isn’t, right now it’s just Holly and me — and that’s exactly what was intended.



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