My Special Pet: A Glimpse into a Soul that Changed My Life



As I sat down at my computer one morning in January 2011, it was like a magic wand had been waved over me as I googled a Minneapolis K-9 rescue website. The first story captured my heart. A dog named Abigail from Kentucky was in need of a home in her golden years. What followed in the next two-and-a-half years were life lessons in unconditional love, companionship, faith in animal communication, believing in signs and synchronicities, the healing power of angels, and letting go of a gift.

On February 11, 2011, Abby — our first dog — joined the Nelson family just two weeks shy of her 13th birthday. She was a sweet soul with a zest for life. She adjusted well to life in Minnesota with her new forever family. We knew she was happy because of her special happy dance. It didn’t matter what we did — whether just hanging out at home, going for a walk, or being at the cabin — she just wanted to be with us and be loved.

Life was coasting by and Abby continued to teach us to slow down, enjoy the little things in life, and just be. In November 2012, everything changed. Abby’s groomer found a lump on her neck. Tests confirmed that Abby had Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the tongue. The vet said there was nothing we could do, because the cancer had spread from her tongue to the lymph nodes on her neck, and the tumor would eventually obstruct her airway. We discussed quality of life and how to keep her comfortable.

I was not going to give up on Abby so easily. I sought the talent of a Twin Cities animal communicator.

“I am finishing up on my life’s work,” Abby said. “Soon it will be complete and I’ll be ready to go. I love my family! They are great teachers and I needed to learn about unconditional love and learn that it would come to me. Thank you for talking to me and giving me a voice.”

During the next eight months, I invoked the healing power of angels, enrolled Abby in Healing Touch for Animals® sessions, Reiki, and remote healings from a Qigong Master. I also used essential oils and gemstones on her. To the vet’s amazement, Abby’s tumor had not grown or spread. This meant more beautiful sunrises and sunsets together! Abby said her wishes were to stay on Earth for as long as she could. We were the first family she had ever known and she loved us. But soon, she started seeing animals visiting from the other side.

“They tell me to not be afraid, they will be with me when it is my time to go,” Abby said.

A week before her health took a turn, I awoke and heard a message from what I believe were the angels I had been calling upon. “We can’t do anything more,” they said.

Abby’s tumor spread like a wild fire, threatening to block her trachea. Bi-weekly animal communications turned into check-ins every few days. And through signs and synchronicities, we knew we were being supported by a higher source. We found: feathers and pennies on our final walk; an angel flame in the fire table during our last night together; an ice cream heart in my glass that formed during a root beer toast before bed; and a penny by the garden during her celebration of life ceremony where she had rested all morning. In Abby’s final animal communication, she said, “I am ready when my family is ready. I don’t want them to have any sad days, only happy ones. I love them, I am grateful, and I will always be with them.”

Abby earned her angel wings on July 29, 2013. We spent the morning together honoring her with her favorite breakfast and sitting with her by her favorite spot in the garden. We played Zach Sobiech’s song, “Clouds,” over and over because it was uplifting and kept us positive and strong for our girl’s angel day. Abby was assisted to Rainbow Bridge at our home by Dr. Amy of Minnesota Pets after a beautiful celebration of life ceremony led by Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges (Abby’s voice). She was 15 1/2 years old. We are forever grateful for the 2 1/2 wonderful years with her — and we continue to see signs that she sends to us.

Footnote: Three months after Abby passed, I received an email from a woman in Kentucky who knew Abby and her previous owner.  (I was able to locate Abby’s previous owner in Kentucky and we kept in touch.)  They found a dog in a dry creek bed in very bad shape (fractured hips, skin and bones — the only hair he had was on his head — skin infection, and he was even afraid of grass) and they wanted to know if we would consider adopting him. His eyes reminded her of Abby’s eyes. We met in Illinois and picked up Charlie the first week in January. You would not believe this, but he has the same happy dance as Abby did, and does some of the same “gestures” she did! How about that!  He will never replace her, but I do believe Abby (and the angels) sent him to us.

From left: An angel flame following Abby's passing; an orb appears while staying strong before Abby's Angel Day; an ice cream heart appears.
From left: An angel flame following Abby’s passing; an orb appears while staying strong before Abby’s Angel Day; an ice cream heart appears.
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Becky Nelson
Becky Nelson is married to her loving husband, Scott, and is a mother to three compassionate teenagers. She is a legal secretary for a Minneapolis law firm and enjoys gardening, reading, time at the cabin, and most recently, her classes in animal and angel communication, so she can be a voice for the animals.


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