The Impact of Stellar Bodies on the Human Auric Field



The human being is constantly surrounded by many healing energies that recharge and regenerate not only the body, but also the auric field. The powers of plants, flowers, trees and water provide each person with therapeutic vibrations; in this manner, they all are proven allies to our well-being.

But note that stellar bodies also have an impact on the human aura, enhancing its qualities in different ways.

In our solar system, the Sun is the star at the center of it all. His energy sustains all life forms: plants, animals and humans. In ancient religions, the Sun was the principal deity, a symbol of benevolence, order, abundance, virtue and higher truth.

As a self-sufficient and bright star, the Sun imbues the aura with high amounts of energy, making it more resilient to negativity by helping it raise its vibrations. That’s why on sunny days people tend to be more energetic and with verve, in comparison to when the weather is cloudy, such as on a rainy day. The revitalizing presence of the sun regenerates the auric field and has positive effect on all beings.

As the Sun sets, the Moon rises into the sky, filling it with its silvery light. In older traditions, it was connected with the element of water due to its ever-changing and mysterious nature, representing the receptivity of “yin” force. Today, scientific research has shown that, indeed, the lunar energy during its waning and waxing phases has an impact on bodily fluids and hormones; in energy healing, it is known that the Moon’s vibrations affect the emotional body, acting as a healer of deep-seated emotions.

Above all, the Moon stirs all emotional currents, bringing to the surface everything that needs to be healed, leading ultimately to inner catharsis and the ability to start anew. This process helps the aura to be cleansed from lower energies resulting from suppressed emotions and fears, thus helping it to regain its balance and strength. Especially during full Moon where its energies are at their peak, this process takes place in deeper inner levels; that’s why many people feel the effects of it at least three days before the phenomenon happens.

In the night sky the stars glisten, filling our imagination with images of mysterious galaxies and unknown worlds. Not only are they beautiful to the eye, but most importantly, their energy is useful to the human aura, for their vibration has an impact on the spinal column and the cerebrospinal fluid, which provides a basic mechanical and immunological protection to the brain inside the skull. In this way, the stellar rays enhance the protective energies inside the spine and the brain, aiding the homeostasis of the organism.

The wisdom of the Universe can be found not only in the way everything is made, but in how all its elements interact with each other. The stellar bodies exist for many purposes, one of which is the enhancement of human existence. The warmth of the Sun, the pale light of the Moon, the majestic presence of the stars, all these connect with the aura and help it sustain its energies with unique vibrations and qualities. The sky is filled with healing energies, readily available to every living form that breathes on this planet. All creatures dance under the light of the stellar bodies, and the human aura interacts with them constantly, despite our inability to understand it.

So, next time you go for a walk during a sunny day or watch the moon and the stars, know that your energy field has absorbed healing energies vital for its existence.



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