To Remember



There is a place inside of me that remembers.

It’s not such a small place so I am surprised how often forgetting happens.

Maybe if it wasn’t for the fact of how deliciously painful it is to remember — how seductive, how raw, then forgetting would be more tolerable.

What a clever thing, the mind, and how tempting to surrender to. Again.

But there are other things, ocean-deep fathomless things, that wave their arms wildly at me and tug at my shirt sleeves imploring me to return.

And so I do, I make my way home, sinking comfortably into the throne of being, into the enchanted dark forest of here.

How good to remember.


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Rebecca Sarino
Rebecca Sarino is newly transplanted from Boulder, Colorado, and the majestic arms of the Rocky Mountains. She is a trained psychotherapist, healer and writer who is honored to support individuals on their unique journey of self-exploration, expression, and Remembering. Guiding individuals back into reunion with Source and oneness with the earth and all of her inhabitants is Rebecca’s deep commitment to this Life. She bows to the Great Mystery.


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