Breathe…and let go: An interview on Self-Transformation in 2014 with Christine Day – Part 2

In Part One of this interview, Christine Day revealed that she has launched a new webinar series online, called “the Galactic Series,” which transmits even higher frequency energy (from the sixth, seventh and eighth dimensions) through communication portals being established at her center in Grand Marais on the North Shore, Minnesota. In this second part of the interview, she reveals more about the creation of these communication portals. She also begins by going into more detail about the necessity to live in the present moment by dropping all rituals and other ways we live in “automatic pilot” mode.

On October 11-13, Christine will lead a three-day Pleiadian Seminar on Self-Mastery at the Ramada Mall of America near the airport in Bloomington.

Some who are new to the process may wonder if there is remedial instruction required to get up to speed, or can anyone jump in and move right into your current broadcasts that you offer?
Christine Day:
Anyone can jump in, because it’s simply the time when everyone on the Earth plane right now has said yes to being here now. It’s everyone’s destiny through conscious choice to begin to reclaim themselves.

The Pleiadians are really stressing the importance of bringing all our focus back to ourselves, that everything comes from our own pure source of light, from the very center of ourselves. It’s so important right now that everything arises from the center of ourselves, from our pure source of light. It’s important to move our focus and attention from outside of ourselves to knowing that everything comes from our central self. We need to bring our focus and consciousness back, and from there we can source all that we need.

That is part of the three-day Pleiadian Seminar coming in October, which is called The Mastery Class. It’s a self-mastery activation. The Pleiadians are going to be creating processes and bringing tools to people so they can re-align back to their self-mastery energy. Part of our destiny in this lifetime is to reconnect to our self-mastery energy — and this is the first time it’s been offered in the Pleiadian seminar. The time is right, with the great shift and the lifting of veil.

Those who take part in the Pleiadian seminar will leave with tools that support self-healing and self-manifestation and being able to source from that central place within themselves through the activation of that self-mastery. It’s going to be one of the most powerful seminars we have had up to this point. We’ll be giving out handouts and step-by-step processes with those tools so people who come will be able to continue the unfolding of this pure source energy of their Higher Selves.

It’s also part of what the Pleiadians are saying, to stop bringing your focus outwards into the world to save people and save the planet and come back and reveal the sacred nature of yourself. That’s the hardest thing for a human being to do. We want to escape and not come back to ourselves. We want to take the attention off ourselves and bring it outward. But it’s time to move our focus back to self, and that’s part of letting go.

A large community of people is committed toward saving the planet and doing all of these exterior things.
Exactly. With the great shift energy, the drama on the Earth plane is magnified, and it’s going to continue to magnify right now. You can see what’s happening all around the planet, all the different dynamics that are happening in people’s lives, as well as on the international level. It’s all going to continue to magnify. We need to stay centered and focused on ourselves.

People say, “Oh no, there’s too much going on, I have to do something to help.” For each one of us here on this Earth plane as a human being, our destiny is to source ourselves — and from that central place we transmit outward the unique frequency of our Divine light. By unfolding within ourselves, we are the gift. We need to come back to that truth and live from that place, because that is the only way that we can truly support all human beings and the planet itself.

We need to understand that each one of us has said yes to our own experience here on the Earth plane. Each one of us, wherever we are on the planet, has chosen to have this experience. No one needs saving. Everyone needs the respect of what they have chosen to experience in this moment for themselves. And we need to focus on what we have chosen to do and where we are and what we’re feeling and what we’re going through — and we need to deal with our own creation and own that creation — and then move forward from that place, instead of taking our attention outward and really not dealing with what we have created for ourselves, whatever that may be.

So, are you saying that our desire to petition and protest and save things externally has actually been a distraction to our spiritual growth — and the key is to support everybody by being as strong as we can within ourselves?
That’s correct. It’s about being authentically ourselves. And now we’re being asked to take another step forward with the great shift by dropping our rituals. For most human beings, that is a scary thought. But what the Pleiadians say, and I love this, is that you know we’re perfectly imperfect. We’re not going to do this process perfectly, and we’re not supposed to. They are asking for us to be with ourselves one moment at a time, one moment out of each day is enough. Now, that is doable, isn’t it? One moment?

That doesn’t seem like very much.
No, it doesn’t. (Laughs). But, you know what? In some ways it is incredibly difficult. We just need to take each moment that we can with ourselves. Those moments are accumulative. Moment by moment adds up to more and more experiences of coming home to ourselves as we move out of a separated state.

If you feel uncomfortable changing rituals, then just be with being uncomfortable. Allow yourself to experience the depth of that discomfort within you. This is what it’s about. When you take the steps to allow that shift, then a clarity and an understanding opens up and is revealed to you, because you open into a state other than the dream of the third dimension. You open into a truth of the fourth and fifth dimensions and you begin to glimpse a moment of truth, like a light bulb going off. Maybe a solution to an issue or a problem. Maybe an understanding of your own vulnerability, and allowing that vulnerability for the moment. That is enough. Maybe a moment of compassion through the understanding of yourself in the moment. That is enough.

These are the things that we are being asked to allow to unfold, and then the lifting of the veils is accelerating your ability to move. It’s moving us towards that fourth- and fifth-dimensional energy. You see, the veils have been down for lifetimes. They are suddenly coming up, and that is allowing us to access much more easily the truth of ourselves.

It is just the time. It is destiny for us now to move in this direction. So, my role is to support that and to bring the information that the Pleiadians are sharing and to work on myself. I took two weeks alone up here by myself and that’s what took place. On the third day I had this awakening, and it has continued; it is not getting less. It’s getting a lot more. That is my commitment to being here on the planet. When I allow that opening and I allow this birthing through me, I’m also aware that it opens pathways for others to follow, and as I transmit in my programs, whatever programs I’m doing, sometimes out in a huge audience in a theater of 2,000, sometimes on the radio show, sometimes through the broadcasts, that energy transmits with me, and it allows others to move in the same direction for themselves.

This is the Divine economy. My commitment is always to me and I play my role. I’m not attached to what that looks like. My commitment is just to bring the love and the fullness of myself, by staying connected to me and not losing sight of that for one second, because this is all about me — and then it can be secondarily about everyone else.

We talked about you moving to Grand Marais in a past interview. Can you go into a little bit more detail about what’s being created there?
Yes, I think it’s really important. A student of mine, an older man who has studied the Book of Enoch for his whole life, asked me specifically where this land was that we had bought up in Grand Marais. When I told him, he said, “I believe this is the land referred to in the Book of Enoch where the aliens will return. It will be a re-entry place for aliens and the galactic energies at a certain time on the Earth plane.”

Now, it was very interesting. When he said that I got total confirmation, because what we’ve been asked to do is create a re-entry. The Pleiadians call it a “receiving station.” They have been teaching me to build a communication portal that has never been anchored on the Earth plane before. It is going to carry a pure frequency of light that will be a receiving station for energies to come in and through, and for transmitting outwards.

We have spent one-and-a-half years up here building the first communication portal. It has 11 layers built into it. I was shown the different types of crystals I had to buy, and certain sacred dimensional patterns were drawn. I layered the portal with one level of these crystals in a specific dimensional formation to create a weaving of dimensional energy. We did that, and it took us about three months to integrate the energy from that. We have done 11 layers of this communication portal to fully build it in readiness for what I was told to call “the Galactic Series,” and that I was to transmit from that communication portal out to individuals through the world in a live webinar. There were to be six webinars.

When we began to work with and anchor this communication portal, a circle of light opened up in the water about a mile directly in front of our house. It was a Lemurian portal opening up in Lake Superior. You could see the light. Every time we worked in the portal and opened up another level, the Lemurian portal would open further. Pleiadian ships came and sat at the top of that portal.

We were guided to put a new layer in the portal and then go down to the beach to watch the sun rise to integrate the essence. One day we were looking out and the Lemurians were coming onto the beach from that portal. So we are having this interaction with these Lemurians and this communication portal has been birthed.

Now through these six webinars, when we have them, the Lemurian portal opens up in front of us and we are working and transmitting from the communication portal and transmitting it out live. People online who are in the class also are aligning also to the Lemurians from that portal, because they are linking through the communication portal and transmitting outward.

This is the first of three communication portals that we have to activate on our land, and this is the smallest one. The energy of it is so extreme and intense. We have a circle of nine dead pine trees on our land, and we have been shown that this is where the second communication portal is to be activated in September.

When we are finished with all three, we will have a receiving station here on this land, and we have been told to teach groups of people how to build a communication portal and assist these people in going through a rapid transformation and connection so they can enter these physical portals that we have built. On top of that, we are going to have this incredible communication with the galactic community. I feel like they are going to be coming onto the land and to be with us here. That’s what I feel. If I said to you I know the whole process of what’s going to happen here, I’d be lying. I have no idea. We are in the middle of an incredible life-changing journey here, and this is just the beginning. But, my partner and I are committed here to our work.

We are going to Brazil only three months this year because we have to be here to do this work, and we’re only going to Brazil three months next year. We’re committed to playing out our role, however it unfolds with these portals. So, this is just the beginning of a very, very amazing journey and, actually, a grand adventure.

From a human perspective, how do you feel about all this? Is it a lot of work? Is it super exciting?
Well, it’s a number of things. It’s putting ourselves right on the line. We’ve had to let everything go and change our lifestyle here. We’ve had to totally trust and really not know. This is a tremendous amount of work. A tremendous amount of resources are needed to do what we’re doing and we only have some of those resources, and we’re having to trust that.

On a human level, I’m just having to really let go. But my human aspect has had to let go a lot during the last 20 years. Leaving Australia, leaving my kids, coming to this country not knowing anyone. It’s not the first time I’ve had to jump off a cliff on a human level. And yet, my sacred nature is really supporting my human path, of which I’m very appreciative. I’ve come into a lot of compassion and support with my human aspect, so my human self is in good shape for this part of the journey.

But it has its moments, especially with rituals going, this new part of me that I don’t recognize, but it’s all so right. The rightness of it helps tremendously, because I can feel through every cell of my being the total rightness of what we are doing here, the impact we are having on the planet by saying yes to this process. We’ve always been destined to play this role, and yet, because we don’t know the full details of every part of it, it seems inconsequential. And then there are moments when my human aspect needs to be held and supported.

Even though I don’t know what I’m doing, my ego mind likes to think it knows what is going to happen here, and it doesn’t. We had plans to do one thing and that didn’t work out and we had plans to do it again and it didn’t work out. We are in a very old house, and it needed tremendous work to even live in it. It’s an ongoing process of letting go, letting, go, and letting go, and that’s what we are in the middle of, that letting go. We’re still learning what that means. What else are we going to have to let go of? I don’t know. But am I willing to do that? Yes. (Laughs).

Is there anything else you would like to add that we haven’t talked about?
We talk about all the galactic energies and the Pleiadians, but I also just need to add that there is tremendous support and energy from the energies of Mother Mary and the Christ energies. They are very strongly here with us and will be at the seminar. I’m still having tremendous interaction with the angels and other beings and masters.

There seems to be a collective energy of all the spiritual realms who are not incarnate and the Pleiadians and the galactic energies that are living out an incarnation and supporting us here on the Earth plane. A universal community of energies is working through me and with me in the seminars and in my life, and I think that’s a very important piece for people to understand. This is not just Pleiadians. This isn’t just Lemurian and galactic energies. The spiritual realms are very much playing an incredible role in all of this through me and with me, and I’m very grateful for that.

I’m guessing our galactic brothers and sisters are all supporting Earth as she goes through this process.
CD: That’s part of their pre-agreement, to be here at this time to play their role. They are playing their part out here on planet Earth — and by the way, we are on track. You can look at what’s going on here and go, “Oh, my gosh! How can we be on track!?” But, we are on track. This was meant to be a time of upheavals, of intensification of drama here, of the intensification of the ego.

It’s important for everyone to understand and to know that. Many human beings are in despair of what they see and what they perceive in their own lives, but the Pleiadians say all is in hand. So, I say that to myself, all is in hand, and I say that to my audience out there at any show I’m doing, because it really is — and I know the truth of that. So, I send love and blessings to everybody and remember: All is at hand.



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