Healing with Sound


In the meditation tradition I have practiced for many years, it is said that the first movement away from Source into physicality came in the form of the breath — and sound then followed on that breath. It follows then that sound is intimately connected to Source, and it can be a way back to that Source connection, to alignment and congruence. Where an individual may have moved out of alignment and out of health, sound vibration using pure tones opens a pathway back into balance and physical alignment.

Sound can be used as a healing energy modality or as a tool to shake loose what is being held within the physical being — and also any restrictions to the spiritual self. I have experienced sound healing and acted as an instrument of sound healing over the course of my study and in my work.

The main arena of my study in energy medicine has been through courses I have taken in Frequencies of Brilliance techniques, as a student and also as an assistant. In these programs, sacred energies and limitless possibilities are made available because the facilitator creates sacred geometry space using a tremendous amount of precision and attention to detail in setting up sacred space. While working in the workshops, sound is an integral component to the work.

I learned through the workshops and trainings that using sound and movement facilitates a release of what is no longer needed, so what has been frozen or held within the tissues can move out, bringing greater freedom. Whether it is sound tones, screaming or crying, sound can be very healing. I found that as I did my work and opened to my light and divine nature, my voice changed. The tones I used became clear and pure and, in fact, they can and do create a resonance vibration that can speak to the heart of people I work with and can affect a change.

Some people use sage to purify an environment, but I found that my sound tones work even better. There are many ways to affect a change. I find that the simplicity of sound, whether through the voice or through an instrument, makes good sense and creates ease.

Sound from a drum or rattle connected to and guided by the drummer’s heart can work with individuals. The rhythm and tone expresses uniquely to and for each individual who is the subject of the drumming. I use the shamanic tools of the drum and rattle in my work. The resonant vibration is able to merge into a person’s energy field and shift that which is not congruent, what is out of balance. As I drum, the sound that arises takes on its own character or energy beyond myself. It is the song of the drum speaking to the person receiving it. It is my heart that hears the song and plays the drum.

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Joanne Wakefield
Joanne Wakefield is a Frequencies of Brilliance practitioner, an Intuitive and Shamanic Healer. She is a Higher Brain Living Mastery Facilitator. She is certified in Healing Touch and organizes seminars and courses for Christine Day. She has a MA in Human Development. She facilitates workshops using crystal vortexes and heart opening techniques. She can be reached at [email protected] or at wayshowerj.com.


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