Healing with the Elements


Most healing is enhanced when nature is incorporated. Nature has abundance, and that focuses on the problem and resurrects the being completely. The natural elements described below form a foundation of the Chinese study of elements.

If you are a natural healer, you will talk about prominent elements, just as Ayurveda dictates the principles of Vatta, Pitta, Kapha. For those in need of a natural healing, seek the element or seek a person who may be earth, water, air, wood or fire.

Materials easily available for healing are:

  • Earth: Any shape and form of earth has healing capability. After death, this body becomes totally one with earth. Earth has so much power that it can form a new life with just one seed. Do a mud bath and become totally rejuvenated. Earth is readily available in abundance. Consider farming and how earth keeps rewarding us every season. Sand is one form of earth used by monks for art. It is a great therapy that reaches the climax when the monk erases the art and fulfills Buddha’s calling to the present moment.
  • Water: This can heal in innumerable ways, starting from the ice pack for injury to warm bags for pain and inflammation. Water is our life. It is a medium that can heal infection and prevent illness. This medium is so flexible to work with. Emoto, a Japanese scientist, has shown that the vibration of love can change the characteristics of water. From swim aerobics for seniors or birthing in water, the healing capabilities abound with water therapy. The sound of water flowing makes a very peaceful getaway.
  • Air: Healing has been always associated with open air and an abundance of oxygen. “Getting fresh air” is not just a phrase. It works, allowing a person to begin fresh to resolve a problem. I have known people who go for run or a walk in the middle of a headache or onset of infection, because air works as a therapy. The sound of drums or light through the fireworks travel in air and bring so much joy.
  • Wood: This therapy has been used by Native American tribes as drums and the East Indian subcontinent in their form of ancient spices and herbal remedies. Wood is very sacred, and in the modern world, it is a resource we depend on for rejuvenation. Our ancestors set an example of caring and compassion by preserving the woods we cherish, like those in Yellowstone and thousands of other parks and forests that exist in our midst. The sound of the rustling wind through the forest tells a story, and it sparks a child’s imagination, like the start of a great story.
  • Fire: This therapy works both in the beginning and end. We use fire to purify food and water. In cremation, we burn the body. At times when all else fails, this therapy works miracles. Wounds can be cured with fire, a natural disinfectant, when other therapy have failed. Fire carries a symbolic meaning. The greatest spiritual explorer wanted to seek that perfect remedy to fight infection but could not find any until they found guided fasting. Fasting increases the metabolic fire and suppresses hunger and increases the body’s infection-fighting power. That is why fasting is used by all cultures to bring natural healing properties to the body.

This brings us our final therapy called pyramid, which has a beginning with fire. Pyramid literary means fire in the middle. Pyramid healing has been around for eons, and the experience has been little understood and shrouded in mystery. With my regular practice of sound meditation under a pyramid, I experience more uniformity of the sound. Sound envelopes very quickly around you, and it is a unique sound experience. With the use of sound under the pyramid, going into meditation becomes easy. Most physical, mental, behavioral and emotional well-being comes with regular practice of meditation. Using pyramids, sound is customized and the OM chant allows us to connect with the cosmos.

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Priya Jain
Priya Jain has been a business owner since 1999. She has active roles as an account representative in sales, marketing and accounting. She believes in making this life better through spirituality, science and sustainability. Priya has used Promax pyramid for the pyramid sound meditation. Visit pyrahealth.com for information on Pyramid science, vaastu, and feng shui.


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